July: A great month to start

A Planty Garden grows like crazy in summer. If you sow now, your first harvest is just a month away.
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A system that works for everyone

Grow your own food with our handy products, seeds and app. Super simple. ~5 minutes a day. Guaranteed to grow.


The easiest way to grow - Planty Gardening

If you want to grow your own food, there's a lot of options out there. Too many. Tons of books, methods, materials ... and most leave you more confused than when you started.

Beginners need one simple system. And good, sustainable materials. That's why I started Planty Gardening. 

If you want to get growing, I'm here to help. From seed to harvest.



Like it grows on its own

When you set your garden up right, it will save you time down the line. Planty Gardening has everything you need to get started: durable garden boxes and grow bags, carefully selected seeds that are sure to succeed, and rich soil that just won't quit.


We walk you through every step

Our app makes you garden like a pro. It's tailored to your garden's needs and gives you customized advice. From sowing to harvest. Step by step. That's it. Anything unexpected? The app has the answer. Never stress about what to do with your veggies again. Never.

Why grow with Planty Gardening?


Huge harvests in tiny spaces

Your Planty Garden produces a lot more than a traditional vegetable garden. Up to 5x more for every square meter. That's thanks in part to our super-efficient sowing system. You grow in a garden box that's divided into smaller sections. Each section can grow up to 4 different kinds of vegetables per year. Basil, lettuce, cucumber, kale... Bring it on!

Fun & fulfilling

Imagine: You've set up your vegetable garden boxes and your seeds are sown. Then! Your first sprouts poke their little green stems up. You watch them turn into beautiful, edible plants, with flowers that attract buzzing bees. Amazing.

A Planty Garden is the perfect hobby. You don't need to change your life to reap the benefits.

A little goes a long way

Setting up a Planty Garden is (almost) no sweat. You don't have to do the back-breaking, time-consuming work a traditional vegetable garden requires. Only the fun stuff: sowing, watering, tending, and harvesting. Our app tells you exactly when and how. 

Most people who garden with us don't see it as work at all: it's a break from a busy day. 

Good for the planet

People often start a garden with green intentions. That's why we think it's so important that a Planty Garden always succeeds and doesn't end up in the dump. 

Our sustainable planters and grow bags are made almost entirely from recycled plastic, our seeds are 100% bee-friendly, and our soil mix is good for years to come. A Planty Garden is made to last. 

About us

How does it work?

1: Set up your garden

Our shop has everything you need to get your garden ready. 

Set it up once, and enjoy it for years to come.

2: Use the app

Killed every plant you ever had? No gardening experience whatsoever? No worries. The Planty app helps you every step of the way. From seed to harvest, we got you.

3: ~5 minutes a day

The app's customized advice saves you time. So you get huge harvests in small spaces, gorgeous greens, and happy bees. In just a few minutes a day.