About Planty Gardening

"Hi, I'm Jelle."

That was the first sentence on my first website in 2007. I was 14 and wanted to share my vegetable gardening tips with more people.

Jelle in the Garden Who we are
As time passed, more and more people got excited about my easy way to grow vegetables. Because of their enthusiasm, my little website grew into something bigger. And I couldn't do it on my own anymore.

At first my mom Saskia helped a lot. Then my brother and best friend joined. And now, we're a company.

That still feels weird to say that because it doesn't feel anything like a company with clients. We're more like a super enthusiastic club.
MM Planty Community

It's personal

We're not the average company that sees you as a number. You're not just a customer either. When you contact us, you'll get someone who has their own Planty Garden and can talk your ear off about it - if you're into that.

You're one of us - a Planty person. And together with you, our goal is to get more people excited about growing their own food.

Ilona from Lelystad, NL: "User-friendly, clear, informal, feels like coming home."

Business model?

If you asked me, "Jelle, what's your business model?" the answer is simple. I don't have one. We just stick to making people happy by helping them grow their own vegetables in a way that works.

We started in the Netherlands with De Makkelijke Moestuin and are now making our system, materials, and app accessible in English with Planty Gardening.

That's the funny thing: we keep growing. People are excited by what we do and we want to keep it that way.
That's why we go above and beyond to make your garden a success. And everyone who joins the company supports that mission 100%.

Here, let me introduce you:

Our team

Jelle profile team



Started growing vegetables in 2007 as a lazy teen. A little more ambitious these days 😉

Saskia ProfileMM Planty Team



The brains behind Planty Gardening. Knows everything about growing vegetables. Jelle and Arjen's mom.

Robbin profile MM planty Team



Robbin's your guy. Whatever you need, he'll sort it out. Or you can just chat with him about your plants, that's cool too.

Arjen profile MM planty team



Makes our ambitious ideas happen. Or reins us in when we're too ambitious 😉 Jelle's brother.

Johan profile MM planty team



Eats, drinks, and sleeps code. Actually lies awake at night if there's one bad app review.

Jelmer profile MM planty team



Master of all things UI/UX in the app. Jelle's former design mentor in a past life.

Sjoerd MM planty team



Former landscaper and forklifter. Current manager of logistics. 

Innovation, Planty and the app

To make it possible for even beginners to grow vegetables successfully, we developed a unique app: the Planty Gardening app. 

To investigate and develop the possibilities for an international app, we drew up a project plan and requested - and received - a financial contribution from the VIA. You can read all about this plan below.

VIA project plan

An earlier version of the app worked well for the Dutch climate, but the information flow proved too static for other zones where many plants require a different growing period.
For the health of the plants, it's important to fully automate the steps and workflow in the Planty Gardening app.
Unfortunately, in the old app, it proved impossible to convert these information flows so they'd work correctly in other parts of the world via linear means (Push notifications via the app) and existing (machine learning) methodologies. 
So, self-learning mechanisms had to be developed within the platform to analyze plant health. 
The goal of the project was to develop a machine learning platform that would analyse pictures and recognize growth automatically. 
Algorithms were also developed to automatically monitor abnormal growth rhythms and to take into account the local climate. (Mexico has a very different climate than the Netherlands.)

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