Monday 3 January 2022

To a brand new year: 2022 🥂

The first blog of 2022: with best wishes, why we do what we do, plans for the coming year, and a - small - look behind the scenes.

Happy New Year

Best wishes for this new year - also on behalf of the rest of the team. Hopefully, it will bring you everything you wish for, and maybe even more.

Last year was pretty special, wasn't it? In all respects, but also for the vegetable garden. Just think of the freezing spring and the wet summer.

But whatever the coming year will be, we are really looking forward to making it a great garden year.
Packed with vegetables, that's what we're aiming for
We are always overflowing with plans and ideas, and some we are already working on. So I planned to make a long blog to tell all about them.

But actually, it's far more important why we are doing it: to make growing your own vegetables as easy as possible - for everyone who wants to.
Because we sincerely believe that by doing so we make the world a little bit better, healthier and happier.
Bees and bumblebees on the licorice plant
What is more beautiful than planting a few seeds in the ground, and tiny plants will emerge after a while?

Which - with a bit of attention from you - will grow bigger and bigger, provide a home for bees and butterflies, and which you can eventually harvest.
That is why we do what we do and work on every day.
Yummie: home-grown vegetables
When more and more people are joining us, we can:
  • make the app even better,
  • make products more sustainable,
  • pack them responsibly,
  • convert plastic into garden boxes that last forever,
  • devise solutions against pests (snails)
  • expand our seed range
  • improve our service
  • etcetera, etcetera.
I'm sure you get the idea. It works both ways. What we do cannot be done without you.

Our motto: by and for Planty Gardeners

Our goal is that you'll be even more enthusiastic about Planty at the end of this year than you already are. That is what we are going for.

New start at a new location

We moved to a large warehouse because we want to do things even better.

That's where we'll be doing everything:
  • Storing our stuff.
  • Production (think of the sawing and drilling of the Hero's and bamboo boxes).
  • Packing.
  • Collecting and preparing the orders.
In short: (almost) everything that used to be done at shipping houses and workshops we want to do ourselves.

Currently, we are working hard to get everything ready for the upcoming high season. Super fun and totally different from what we usually do:
Working on the new location
We aim to start mid-January with a small number of orders. Then, if that goes well, we will increase the number until we can do everything ourselves.

More to come ...

Soon we'll do a lot more soon. To give you an idea:
  • In February, we will prepare for the coming season: plan, gather the necessary stuff and prep the garden.
  • We are working on a device that keeps all the slugs and snails out of your garden boxes.
Slugs and snails we can do without
  • On March 1, we give the starting shot for the new season
  • At the end of March we ...
Know what? You'll find out in due time. Otherwise, this blog will be mega-long 😉

In short: we'll make it a great year. Together.

See you soon!

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