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A vegetable garden everyone can grow

Grow your own food with our handy products, seeds, and app. Super simple. ~5 minutes a day. Guaranteed to succeed.

Planty Gardening

If you want to grow your own food, there are a lot of options out there. Too many. Tons of books, methods, materials. Most leave you more confused than when you started.

Beginners need one simple system. And good, sustainable materials. That's why I started Planty Gardening. 

If you want to get growing, I'm here to help. 

From seed to harvest 🙂


Like it grows on its own

When you set your garden up right, it will save you time down the line. And Planty Gardening has everything you need to do that: long-lasting garden boxes and grow bags, carefully selected seeds, and soil mix that just won't quit. 

Getting started is 80% of the work. The other 20% is just the fun stuff: taking care of your plants and enjoying time in the garden. And our app is there to guide you every step of the way.

We walk you through every step

Our app helps you grow like a pro. It's tailored to your vegetable garden's needs and gives you customized advice. From sowing to harvest. Step by step. That's it. Something unexpected? The app has the answer. Never stress about what to do with your vegetables again. Never.

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Why grow with Planty Gardening?


Huge harvests in tiny spaces

Your Planty Garden produces a lot more than a traditional vegetable garden. Up to 5x more for every square meter. That's thanks to our super-efficient sowing system. 

You grow in a garden box that's divided into smaller sections. Each section is a separate vegetable patch that can grow up to 4 different kinds of plants a year. Basil, lettuce, cucumber, kale? Bring it on 😀

Ridiculously fun & fulfilling

Imagine: you've set up your vegetable garden boxes and your seeds are sown. Then: you see the first seedlings. You watch them turn into beautiful, edible plants, with flowers that attract buzzing bees. Amazing.

A Planty Garden is the perfect hobby. And you don't need to change your life reap the benefits.

A little goes a long way

Setting up a Planty Garden is (almost) no sweat. You don't have to do the back-breaking, time-consuming work a traditional vegetable garden requires. Only the fun stuff: sowing, watering, tending, and harvesting. Our app tells you exactly when and how. 

Most people who garden with us don't see it as work at all: it's a break from a busy day. 

Good for the planet

People often start a garden with green intentions. That's why we think it's so important that a Planty Garden always succeeds and doesn't end up in the dump. 

Our boxes and grow bags are made almost entirely from recycled plastic or sustainably sourced bamboo, our seeds are 100% bee-friendly, and our soil mix is good for years to come. A Planty Garden is made to last. 

About us

How does it work?

1: Set up your garden

Our shop has everything you need to start your vegetable garden. 

Set it up once, and enjoy it for years to come.

2: Use the app

Killed every plant you ever had? Zero gardening experience? No worries. The Planty Gardening app helps you every step of the way. From seed to harvest, we got you.

3: Garden for ~5 minutes a day

The app's customized advice saves you time. So you get huge harvests in small spaces, gorgeous greens, and happy bees. In just a few minutes a day.


How much space do you need?
For a mini vegetable garden, just 30x30 cm is all you need. Our biggest garden box is 120x120 cm. Simply put: a Planty Garden doesn't need much space. And you can set it up almost anywhere: on your balcony, roof terrace, back yard, front yard, or even the roof of your shed.

Isn't it already too late to start / when's the best time?
You can set up a Planty Garden all year round. You just can't plant or sow anything in December and January. Other than that: go for it.

Don't forget that you only have to set it up once. Not just for next season, but for years to come. So, the sooner you start, the more you get out of it. 

Can I do this indoors?
No. If you tried, the plants wouldn't get enough light. Vegetables do best in full sunlight. Also, the garden boxes need to drain excess water: you don't want that on your kitchen floor. But: you can set up a Planty Garden in a greenhouse. 

Do you harvest anything from such a small box?
Yes, more than you think. In 2017. I tracked our yield and found that a garden box with 16 square patch sections can yield more than 200 euros in vegetables and herbs. 

You also harvest organic, so there are more vitamins in there and everything tastes better than what you buy in the store.

I can't / won't bend over. Can I do this?
Sure. The MM-Mini's and MM-Airbaks are easy to move onto a table or taller surface. You can order the larger garden boxes - like the MM-Heroes - with a bottom and legs. We call those garden tables. The height is ideal for gardening while sitting or standing.

Is this totally eco-friendly / organic / bee-friendly?
We don't like junk: all our materials are produced sustainably and last a long time. So they are greener and more eco-friendly than a lot of organic products.

Take our garden boxes. The MM-Hero, MM-Airbak and MM-Mini are even made of recycled plastic: plastic that would otherwise be burned. And the MM-Bamboo is made from sustainably sourced bamboo planks.

Our seeds come from honest growers who don't use pesticides or scary GMO practices: pure nature.

And our MM-Mix is made with natural materials that last forever. So you need less and harvest more from it. 

We don't put organic labels on our products on purpose. Those labels are expensive, don't say much, and would mean a hefty price increase for you. Nobody benefits from this, except maybe the label distributors.

I can't keep a houseplant alive. Can I do this?
Join the club: I couldn't either 😉 That's exactly why I set up Planty Gardening in the first place. 

With our app and our products, everyone gardens like a pro from day one. You too.

Is there more information somewhere?
Yes, there is. There's a lot on the site: this is a good place to start. But you can find more in the Planty library. I'd recommend this page about our system.
I don't like apps. Isn't there a book?
Yes, there's a book out, but it's only available in Dutch. For now 😉  
This all sounds great but what do you do about slugs?
We've even thought of that. In the app and on the site you can find tips that will help most people just fine.

If your Planty Garden is being attacked by slug armies, we made an anti-slug fence. No slug or snail can cross that. Unfortunately, it's sold out right now, but we're working hard on a new version. 

Can I use this with my own stuff / regular potting soil?
We don't recommend it. People who try often tell us that they're disappointed with their results. And that they wind up paying more to get their garden on track.

We made the app to work perfectly with our products, soil mix, and seeds. If you use something else, we can't guarantee that the app will give you the right info.

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