How It Works

You can't go wrong with a Planty Garden. That's because every part works together: the soil, seeds, app... And you, of course. ;-) Here's how:

Set Up Your Planty Garden

When you set up your garden right, it saves you time down the line. Planty has everything you need to get started: sustainable raised beds and grow bags, carefully selected seeds, and soil that just won't quit.

Setting up a Planty Garden is (almost) no sweat. And you'll enjoy it for years to come.

Download the App

The free Planty Gardening app walks you through every step. Think of it as your own personal gardening coach. From planting your first seed to harvesting your last pumpkin, the app is there for you.

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5 Minutes a Day

The Planty app is tailored to your garden, so it knows exactly what your plants need and when they need it. With the app, it takes about 5 minutes a day to keep your plants happy.

Regular Checkups and Tracking

The Planty app helps you keep an eye on your plants. Something not quite right? The app provides a solution and reassures you. (Phew! That's better.) With the app, you always know what to do.

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Grow Baby, Grow!

For ~5 minutes a day, your garden will become:

  • Just pure fun. No digging and weeding, just the fun stuff.

  • A veggie factory. Produce 5x as much per m² as an ordinary vegetable garden. Ka-ching! 

  • Your own little paradise. A place to relax after a long day. 

  • A home for bees. They work hard, they deserve it. 🐝

Join our 30,000+ gardeners and get started

Our goal is to make your garden a success. So you are never alone. We'll help you every step of the way. Why are we so obsessed? It just comes naturally. ;-)

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