September: get ready for next spring 🌱

How it works

You pretty much can't go wrong with a Planty Garden. That's because every part works together: your garden, the plants, the app. And you, of course. Here's how:

Set up your Planty Garden

When you set up your garden right, you've done 80% of the work already. Our products are made for this: durable garden boxes, carefully selected seeds, and a ridiculously good soil mix that just won't quit.

Setting up a Planty Garden is (almost) no sweat. And you'll enjoy it for years.

Download our app

The free Planty Gardening app walks you through every step. No more worrying "What do I do with my plants now?" ever again.

From the moment you plant seeds in your garden box or grow bag, the app is there for you: from sowing to tending to harvesting.

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Garden for 5 minutes a day with simple to-do's

Growing vegetables is all about timing. That's why the to-do's in the app are tailored to your garden and the current state of your plants. So, you'll garden exactly the right way at exactly the right time.

The app tracks your plants from sowing to harvest

The app - with your help - keeps an eye on your plants. Something not quite right? The app provides a solution and reassures you. No stress. We're not into that.

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See your plants grow

For ~5 min. a day, your vegetable garden will become:

  • Just pure fun. No digging and weeding, just the fun stuff.
  • A vegetable-producing factory. You'll harvest 5x as much per m² as an ordinary vegetable garden. Ka-ching.
  • Your own little paradise. A place to relax after a long day. It's the perfect place for bees too 🐝

Join the others who've already started

Our goal is to make your garden a success. So, you're never alone. Once you start, we'll help you any way we can. Soon enough, it'll come naturally to you. 

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