January in the Planty Garden

Winter: the days are shorter and there aren't many plants in the garden boxes. Sowing or planting is a no-go. But set up your garden and make plans now, and you'll be ready for an early start in the spring.

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Januari in the Planty Garden after a frosty night

January: starting in the winter

You can set up a Planty Garden pretty much anytime. Even in January. It's not the most obvious choice - you can't sow or plant anything.

But there's a big advantage to starting now: you get a head start in the spring. So you're not just ready for this year, but for years to come.

Starting a Planty Garden is super simple:

1. Set up your vegetable garden (say, with a starter kit)
2. Get step-by-step guidance from our free app
3. Garden for a few minutes a day

Want to know more? Read here how it works.

Already got a Planty Garden?

If you've got a Planty Garden, your garden boxes will be pretty much empty this month. Just soil mix, not much else.

The winter vegetables you sowed can stay: they'll do just fine in cold weather. You can harvest from them once in a while, but they won't grow much until spring.

January is also a great month for planning your garden.
Frozen Chard leaves

Tips for January

1. Harvest what you still can harvest.

2. Empty your buckets and watering cans before they freeze.
Dump out your buckets and watering cans - before they freeze
3. If temperatures get below freezing, keep the birds in mind and leave some water out for them.
Give the birds some seeds and water
4. Protect your winter vegetables from bad weather. Our MM-Muts crop cover is perfect for that:
The MM-Muts fits perfectly to protect your small plants from extreme cold.

What can you still sow now?

Nothing. Not even if it's a mild winter. The days are just too short. Your plants have a kind of internal clock. Now it's time for them to hibernate 🙂

Want more?

That was January in a nutshell. It's usually the coldest month of the year for the garden. Other than protecting your plants from the cold, there's not much else to do. If you're looking for some inspiration for the months ahead, here are a few extra articles for you:

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