Planty Gardening's Mission🌻

We are 100% convinced that the world is a healthier place when we grow our own vegetables.
Time outside. Connecting with nature. Real food. More green, more bees, and less plastic. All this won't just make you healthier but also happier.

That's why we want to get everybody into veggie gardening. 


Our products and free app make growing your own food simple, efficient, and fun. Even if you have a busy job or live in the city. Anyone can grow their own food.
Because let's face it: For most people, a traditional vegetable garden doesn't fit with the times.

Digging in the dirt all day? Flipping through complicated books or feeling your head explode after a workshop? And then waiting to see whether or not you succeed? I don't even want to think about it. 

Even when people do start off excited, 9 out of 10 stop after a few months, crying in the weeds.

That's why we created Planty Gardening. You get results with no fuss. Fun and simple, you can take care of your plants in 5 minutes a day. Even a kid can do it. (I'm serious!) And you get results quick. 
A vegetable garden that succeeds from the get go: that's our goal. 

Because as soon as you harvest your own food, you'll not just feel great for the moment. You'll be excited to sow again. And again. 

The joy that comes with it is contagious. So warn your friends and neighbors ;-). 

Want to help?

Do you believe in making a world where we all can experience growing our own food? And would you like to help spread that message? 

Well, you can, and it's super simple:
If you use our materials, then you're can be sure everything in your garden is quality and will last a long time. Not only that, but you also help out financially. Because most of what we earn goes directly back into Planty Gardening and developing our app. So we can make it an even better experience for everyone.
So starting your first garden is the first step. But if you've caught the Planty bug, it's even more amazing when you share your Planty Garden with others.

Don't be shy. Show the world what you've got going on out back, or on your balcony, or in that one MM-mini full of peas.  

Every Planty Garden helps inspire others to start growing their own food. If you're on Instagram or Facebook, you can use the hashtag #plantygardening. 

Thanks for helping get the word out.

And when you're done, get back out there and enjoy your garden :-).