November in the Planty Garden

It's wintertime. It gets dark early and your garden boxes start to look pretty empty. There's nothing to sow now, but you can plant some garlic, winter onions, and bulbs for spring. And of course, you can always set up your garden for an extra early start next year 😀

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November: starting in the fall

You can set up a Planty Garden pretty much anytime. Even in November. It's not the most obvious choice - you can't sow or plant anything. But it is a great time for it.

Because setting up your Planty Garden now means you get a head start in the spring. And you're not just ready for next season, but for years to come.

Starting a Planty Garden is super simple:

1. Set up your vegetable garden (say, with a starter kit)
2. Get step-by-step guidance from our free app
3. Garden for a few minutes a day

Want to know more? Read here how it works.

Already got a Planty Garden?

If you're growing already, you'll enjoy plenty of vegetables this month. Some late zucchinis, beautiful orange pumpkins, and leafy greens like chard and endive.

The winter vegetables you sowed last month can stay put: they'll do just fine in the colder weather. Harvest the rest of your plants in the coming weeks.

November is also a great month for preparing your garden boxes for next year.
MM-Hero garden table in Trijnie's fall garden.

Tips for November*

1. Harvest what you still can harvest. Usually, that's more than you think.

2. Remove all the old plants you're no longer harvesting from. Get rid of the big roots and remove any clinging vines and leaves from your trellis.
3. Make your vegetable garden completely weed-free. That's easy to do and saves you some work in early spring.

4. Collect all your plastic containers, pots, and labels and clean them off. Same goes for the grids on your empty garden boxes. It's really nice to start a new season fresh with tidy materials.

5. Protect the winter vegetables that you sowed at the end of September and October. They'll do fine in cold weather with a little extra protection. Use a crop cover, like our MM-Muts, for that.

6. Harvest the last of the pumpkins and put them on the windowsill if they need to ripen a little more.

* In short: follow the advice in the Planty Gardening app. It covers all these tips 😉

What can you still sow now?

Nothing. Not even if it's still warm. The days are just too short now, so your plants won't get enough sunlight.

The only things you can plant until mid-November are winter onions, garlic, and bulbs for spring.

Want more?

That was November in a nutshell. But I've written a lot more. So, here are a few extra articles if you want to keep reading:

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