Sowing in a patch in your garden box

In a Planty Garden, you sow in squares instead of rows. So, each vegetable grows in exactly the right place with enough distance from other plants. I'll walk you through how that works on this page.
No rows here: we work in square patches

The Planty Gardening sowing system

How do you sow what and where? I'll get into those steps here.

But if you want to know exactly how our seeding system works and why we do what we do, go to these 2 pages:

Step by step: Here's how to sow in a square vegetable patch

Step 1:

First, make the MM-Mix nice and airy. If you used this patch before, then the soil mix needs a nutrient boost: just add 50ml/30g (2 tbsp) of MM-Plantfood to the mix.

Then, make the mix moist. If you try to sow in a dry mix, your seeds won't germinate.
Make the mix loose and moist

Step 2:

Check in the Planty Gardening app - or on the back of the seed bag - to see how many plants will fit in a square.

Use your finger to divide the patch into equally-sized sections. For example, if 9 plants fit in 1 square patch, divide it into 9 equal sections.

If you use a spade, it's even easier:
Divide the vegetable garden patch into square sections

Step 3:

Poke a hole with your finger in the middle of each square.

Don't make the holes too deep: at most one centimeter. You can make the hole a little deeper for bigger seeds (like beans, peas, or sunflower seeds).

Pour a little water into each hole.
Poke holes for your seeds

Step 4:

Put 2 or 3 seeds in each hole.

Why 2-3 instead of one? Sometimes some of the seeds won't germinate properly. If you sow several seeds in each hole, at least 1 is bound to come up 🙂
Put 2-3 seeds in each hole

Step 5:

Then cover up the holes with soil mix and gently add a little water. Do this part slowly, and don't use too much water: otherwise, your seeds will wash away.
Carefully cover the holes up

Step 6:

Label your patch. Then you won't forget what you sowed.
After sowing, label the patch right away
Simple right? You can do the whole process in less time than it takes to read this 😉

After sowing

After sowing, keep the soil mix moist so the seeds don't dry out. The mix retains moisture well, but the top layer can dry out quickly, especially in strong sun or wind.

Then it just comes down to waiting for the seeds to germinate. Some seeds take longer than others. First, the seed will sprout a small root that dives downward. A little later, the seedling starts growing upward with the first leaves.

So, it takes a while before you see them. Don't think that nothing is happening, because there's probably a lot going on underground.

Have fun!

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