September: get ready for next spring 🌱

Materials to grow a Planty Garden

Now that you have made a plan and know how many raised beds you want to start with, it's time to use the best materials to set up your vegetable garden. 


You will need:
  • vegetable gardenraised bed with grid
  • Planty Gardensoil mix
  • MM-nutrients to supplement 
  • optionally a trellis shovel, bucket, scissors seeds

Buy or make your own

You can buy these items from me in the shop, but you don't have to: you can also make the raised bed yourself.

If you want to start tomorrow, you can buy a complete kit in the shop.

If you have a little more time and love DIY, then you'll end up with the latter. And many people choose something in between.

Look: if you buy our stuff, we can continue to improve the app, our community and keep this site up-to-date. That's all free info

Moreover, with our gear you know that you are starting off well and responsibly.

In addition, part of the proceeds go to our Charity Pot. That's how we help schools and institutions to build their own Planty Gardens.

My ultimate goal

But I said it before: my ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible to have an environmentally friendly, successful and achievable vegetable garden.

If this site has made you decide "Yes, now I'm actually going to do it. I'm going to start a vegetable garden" then I'll be totally happy.

Whatever you do, make sure you start with good materials. That makes your chance of success much greater.

Before I go into more detail, I'll first show you what a real Planty Gardenraised bed should consist of: