The Planty Gardening Way

To make your vegetable garden a success, you need to give your plants five things: air, water, sunlight, nutrients and room to grow.


With the Planty Gardening system, you can give them everything they need in a smart way.

Skip the tedious work that a traditional vegetable garden needs and get a bigger harvest per square meter.

How does it work?

This is what you give your plants

  • Sun

  • Water

  • Nutrients

  • Air

  • Room to Grow

Without having to go through this:

  • Lots of digging

  • Endless weeding

  • Figuring out what kind of fertilizer each plant needs

  • A sow/harvest schedule

  • Producing too many crops all at once

  • Pesticides or insecticides

  • Arsenal of gardening gear

  • All your free time

How? Here's how the Planty system works, step-by-step:

Pick a Sunny Spot

Place your raised bed anywhere that gets at least 6 - but preferably 8 - hours of sunlight a day: in your garden, on your terrace, or on your balcony.

SUN: ✅

Once you've scouted out a spot for your garden-to-be, it's time to get your gear.

The Raised Garden Bed

You start with a handy raised vegetable garden bed (also known as a box or a planter). They also can be elevated on legs, but I'll start here with just the basic shape.

You can make it yourself or get one of our sustainable MM-Heros from the shop.


Weed Mat

Next, put down your weed mat. You just lay this handy anti-weed fabric on the bottom of your raised bed. (If your bed is placed directly on the ground, this stops weeds from growing from underneath.)



The Best Soil: MM-Mix

Next, you fill your raised bed with the best vegetable garden soil: the MM-mix.

This mix is made of a few important ingredients:

Vermiculite: a granular natural mineral that retains water and air.


AIR: ✅

Compost: supplemented with pure nutrients for your plants.


Fibers: brown peat, cocopeat, and wood fibers make the soil nice and loose, and helps stop it from smooshing together and sinking down.

These ingredients ensure a perfect pH balance for your entire garden.

(For the connoisseur: just compost + vermiculite would be too alkaline.)


There's no need to add special fertilizers to each plant individually. The soil works great with all our types of veggies.


Whatever you plant in the MM-Mix will grow well on its own.

And the soil just won't quit: you don't need to replace it. We have been using ours for more than ten years now. :-)


The ingredients work well together and keep working.

But, the volume does slowly decrease with time and your happy plants will eat up some of the soil's nutrients as they grow.

So every now and then you have to top off the soil. You do this simply by adding some new MM-mix and our special nutrients (MM-voeding). These products are all-natural and made to work together.

So, the soil and nutrients are super sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Go ahead and compare our mix with other potting soils and the like: most of the time, you have to replace them and add all kinds of fertilizers.

Not only are the MM-Mix and MM-voeding environmentally-friendly, they're also wallet-friendly. ;-)

What About Digging in the Dirt?

We're not into that.

In a regular vegetable garden, you have to dig it up every year to aerate the soil and work in fertilizer. But in a Planty Garden, you don't.

Because you use raised beds and never walk over it, the soil doesn't get squished: it stays nice and airy. The quality of the MM-Mix also helps. ;-) All you need to do is top it off with a trowel.


Make the Most of It.

Okay! So far you invested in a gorgeous MM-Hero or MM-Original raised bed. You've got your MM-Mix and are ready to go! Let's make the most of it.

The trick to a Planty Garden is to use every square inch. This way, you get a varied and bountiful harvest.

I'll show you how: