September: get ready for next spring 🌱

How can you help the bees?

Bees enjoying blooming tulips
How're our bees, bumblebees, insects doing? Not great.

I am genuinely concerned about that. And many with me, I'm sure you are too.

But what can you do to help?  

Mostly by not doing

Mostly by not doing things:

We've known for a long time what that is:

Using Round-up (no: not even the supposedly ecological one).
Scary pesticides from Bayer (against ants, wasps, flying insects, boxwood moth etc.)
Using processed seeds and plants (and yes: there are many more of them than you think)

I get genuinely sad when I see that this is still happening.

And no way I want to have anything to do with that.

As a Planty Gardener you don't do that. Period. So, I just had to get that off my chest.
No pesticides here

Okay, so what can you actually do?

Look, that makes me happy, because there is much more than you think. And many of those things you probably already do.

Sometimes it's as simple as putting an almost finished bunch of tulips outside. Just look at the photo this page begins with.

Tip 1:

Very simple: set up a Planty Garden.

Because even with 1 vegetable gardenraised bed, you already give a safe haven to insects.
Bees love blooming chives
You see, we need bees, but they need us too. To collect pollen and honey.

And in return, they fertilize your plants.

How do you get them to your Planty Garden?

You don't have to do anything for that, it's already happening by itself.

That's because we put in a wide variety of vegetables and herbs.

From early spring to late fall.

Bees love anything with flowers: peas, flowering chives, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries.
A bee on a sunflower
And of course put sunflowers in your vegetable garden: that's bee trellisker No. 1.

Next time I'll tell you more specifically which vegetables and herbs make bees very happy, ok?

See you then!
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