Handy gear and accessories for your Planty Garden.

Accessories, gear, and DIY materials for your Planty Garden

We've made a lot of products since we started out. We think they're super handy. And we're not alone πŸ™‚

Sometimes we built them out of pure frustration: the materials at the garden center were breakable, ugly, awkward to use, etc. Sometimes we built them because they didn't exist yet.

We also offer a few individual items that are in high demand: loose nets for trellis frames, grids (MM-Rastersets) and Chicago screws for making your own grids. 


Pre-sow gear:

To pre-sow your summer vegetables, the seeds need a mixture with equal parts pre-sowing vermiculite and MM-Mix.

The pre-sowing vermiculite comes in 6 L bags. This material makes the mixture airy and retains moisture well: exactly what seeds need to germinate.

We also offer special air pots (sometimes called net pots). Your seedlings will grow better and faster in MM-Airpots than in ordinary pots. The holes in the sides encourage the plant to produce new roots, giving it a strong and healthy root system.

Tip: Avoid toilet paper rolls and peat pots! They get moldy and your seedlings won't grow as well in them.

Plant labels with marker:

Most plant labels you can buy in the store are small, break easily, and just don't look that nice. So, we made some ourselves. It's made from the same material we use for the grids (MM-Rasters).

The plastic material is resistant to heat, sun, moisture, and cold and is easy to clean. And it lasts forever. Our labels are large, easy to read, and sturdy. We also provide a waterproof marker with them.

MM-Klimrek - ironclad trellis for climbing plants: 

Climbing vegetables and tall plants need a vertical climbing rack. Ours is made of sturdy scaffolding pipes with cast iron connectors and brackets. And includes a super handy net.

Protection against the cold:

Our fleece crop cover - the MM-Muts - is made to extend the vegetable gardening season: it allows you to start earlier and grow longer. In early spring, the MM-Muts helps warm up the soil mix in your garden box sooner. That means your early vegetables come up even earlier. In the fall and winter, it protects your plants from cold. It's also really easy to use thanks to the elastic band along the edges.  It fits like a shower cap: snug, but not too snug. You can pull it on and off your garden box without a hitch.

Gardening tools

You don't need many tools in a Planty Garden. A shovel? Forget it. A trowel and hand rake are plenty. Ours are beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. 

Most trowels break down quickly or rust away. The scoop is usually pretty narrow and ends in a point. That means it’s easy to punch through your weed met. 

The scoop on our trowel (the MM-Schepje) is nice and wide and has a rounded blade made from stainless steel. Try it and you won't want to use anything else. Our garden claw (MM-Harkje) is made of the same material.  

A garden claw may not be 100% necessary, but it can be helpful when you're loosening up your soil mix. Same for adding and mixing in your MM-Plantfood, raking out any remaining roots, and removing weeds after the winter. 

DIY materials

For the hard-core do-it-yourselfer, we offer a few products that you can't get in stores.

A net for your trellis

We have a black net specially made for our MM-Klimrek trellis. We also sell the net separately. It's made of UV-resistant nylon, so it'll last a long time. It's weather-resistant too.

The size: 120x180 cm. The mesh is spaced out at 10x10 cm. You can easily fit your hand through it to guide your vines and leaves up the trellis. There's still enough net for your plants to wind around.

Grid set (MM-Rasterset) with weed mat

A vegetable garden without a grid is not a Planty Garden. Period. 

With the grid, you divide your garden boxes into sections so each type of vegetable has its own patch. 

The anti-weed fabric in the mat stops weeds from growing into your garden box from below. That means little to no weeding.