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MM-Airpotjes 5x

MM-Airpotjes 5x

MM-Airpots (5 pieces) for starting tomatoes and other summer vegetables. Our air pots let your plant's roots breathe. Better and faster results than with other pots. 
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Pre-sowing with MM-Airpotjes

Tomatoes and other summer vegetables like zucchini, need to be pre-sown indoors in late March or early April. The MM-Airpot, together with our MM-Mix and Vermiculite, is the best way to pre-sow. Your seeds get everything they need to start strong.

Ordinary pots with potting soil won’t get the same results. And it’s easier than trying to work with just Vermiculite and containers.

Why are these better than other pots?
In regular pots, early roots just keep on growing. They grow in endless circles along the inner wall of the pot. These roots get longer and longer, but don't absorb many nutrients. 

The MM-Airpots have small holes along the sides. (They're also called net pots). As soon as a root gets close to them it stops growing. This is called air-pruning. 

Your plant then creates new, healthy roots and forms a solid root system. 

The result? Your plants grow faster and are sturdier. You don’t need to repot them as quickly and they have less trouble when you move them out to your raised bed or grow bag.

And! Our air pots are made from recycled plastic.  
How do you pre-sow using air pots?
Step-by-step instructions are in the Planty Gardening app. But in short, it goes like this:
  • Combine 1 part Vermiculite and 1 part MM-Mix
  • Pour in just enough water so it sticks together
  • Fill the MM-Airpots with the mixture and press it down lightly
  • Poke a hole(s) in the mix
  • Put in a seed and cover it up
  • Put the air pot in a bowl or dish to catch excess water 
  • Put it in a warm spot
That’s it ;-)
What about pre-sowing with vermiculite in containers?
Sure, and that's a great way to do it. But since we're all about reducing plastic waste, we wanted to find an alternative.

With this way of pre-sowing, you sow directly into the pot and you don't have to transfer the seedlings from the vermiculite to another pot. This saves material and is a little less work. Always in favor of that :-)

Plus, you can reuse these air pots over and over again. They’re also made of recycled plastic.