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MM-Muts: 120x120 Crop Cover

MM-Muts: 120x120 Crop Cover

With this fleece crop cover (MM-Muts), you extend the growing season. You can start earlier and grow your vegetables longer. The handy elastic makes it easy to put on and take off.
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Protecting your plants

This fleece MM-Muts is made for a 120x120 cm raised bed. 
Extend the growing season with our specially designed crop cover. You can start sooner and harvest longer. 
It insulates your raised bed to keep out cold. But it also protects your bed from extreme sun and heat. 
Your plants will continue to grow under there: up to about 40 cm tall. The elastic band makes it easy to put on and take off.

Why the MM-Muts?

Do you want to protect your plants from the elements? 

If you don’t have a greenhouse, you could probably make do with a loose piece of fleece. You'd secure it along the sides of your raised bed with rocks or sticks, then you'd stub your toes a few times, and watch it rip week later, and you feel guilty throwing the whole thing out ;-). We want to save you the drama.

That's why we made this crop cover: the MM-Muts. It’s stronger, lasts longer, and the elastic makes easy to secure in place and take off. 
The MM-Muts shields your raised bed from bad weather, cold, frost, extreme heat, sun, and it even helps keep meddling cats away from your empty plots.

How do you use it?

Pull the crop cover tightly over your raised so the elastic grips the sides.
Use the MM-Muts in early spring to help warm up the MM-Mix in your raised beds. At night, the MM-Muts helps keep out the cold. During the day, sunlight to passes through the cloth. Seeds germinate more easily and seedlings are protected.
In the fall, the MM-Muts keeps warmth in your raised bed, so an early frost won’t harm your sensitive plants. 
In short, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about the weather. And you can extend the growing season: spinach, winter purslane, snow peas and winter lettuce continue growing late in the year. A few sunny days is all it takes. 
With an MM-muts, these plants are better protected from the winter cold. If the winter is mild, you can continue to harvest until the following spring. 
In the summer, the MM-muts protects your tender seedlings from the hot sun. It also helps to keep cats and caterpillars away. 

Specs and material

The MM-Muts is made of sturdy fleece and high quality elastic, so it will last for several seasons. 
When the weather is cold, it retains heat. When its super sunny, it keeps the raised beds cool. The material also allows sunlight to pass through.

The MM-Muts doesn’t fit your raised bed too tightly. So, your plants have enough room to grow. As they get bigger, they can grow up against the light material without getting stunted. And when they’re much bigger, they won’t really need the MM-Muts to protect them anymore.