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Never forget what you sowed. MM-Plantlabels are easy to read, sturdy, and last forever. Waterproof marker also included.
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Handy MM-Plantlabels

Let's face it. Most vegetable garden signs are small, ugly, and break down quickly. So, we decided to make our own.

We use the material from the MM-raster grids. So, our plant labels are easy on the eyes, durable, and stand out. They're also wide enough so you can write on them with a waterproof marker. That means you can actually read them, and don't need a magnifying glass ;-). 

Plus, the water-proof marker is included.

Strong and sustainable

Our MM-Plantlabels are made from plastic that isn't impacted by sun, heat, moisture or cold - and it's easy to clean.

The labels last a long time. I've been using mine for 10+ years. Some even have 4 plant names on them: top and bottom and front and back. 

The marker ink eventually fades, but then you just write something new. You can also remove the ink with nail polish remover or a with a mix of toothpaste and soda.