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MM-Rasterset and weed mat 120x120

MM-Rasterset and weed mat 120x120

Building your own garden box? This white plastic grid (MM-Rasterset) divides your DIY box into 30x30 cm patches. The mat blocks weeds from growing up through the bottom.
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Format: Works with 120x120 cm planter boxes Contents: 6 grid strips, 9 sets of Chicago screws, and a weed mat

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Why do you need a grid + weed mat?

A garden without a grid is not a Planty Garden. Sorry bout it.

A good grid divides your garden bed into sections that give your plants the exact amount of room they need to grow best. 

The weed mat prevents weeds from growing into your raised bed from below. So you hardly need to weed at all.
6 reasons to use our grid + weed mat
After 10+ years of experience, I can say our plastic grid is better than any other.

The 6 advantages to our grid:
  1. Color: a white grid stands out clearly against the soil mix
  2. Light weight: it rests loosely on the mix and gently sinks in
  3. Flexible: you can easily tilt it up when you have to add some extra plant food 
  4. Easy to remove
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Lasts a long time: I still use the same grids from 10 years ago
Why you don't want wood or string grids
Strings break easily and don't divide your plots clearly. Wooden grids are rigid, warps, and rots away.

A fixed grid is the worst
A raised bed from a garden center often includes a wooden grid attached to the top. This is really inconvenient when you need to add extra nutrients to your bed. A grid like that is just in the way. 

When you turn over the soil mix in the spring, you have to remove the whole grid.

With a fixed grid, you can't. Not even if the slats are resting in grooves. After a year, you won't be able to get them loose. The wood will be warped, swollen and half-decayed.

So, say it with me: a fresh, white grid is the grid for me :-).
What's included?
This grid is made for a raised bed of 120x120 cm (inside measurements). It divides the bed into 16 square vegetable patches. 

In this package you'll find:
  • 6 flexible plastic strips measuring 119.5 cm long and 2 cm wide
  • 9 plastic Chicago screws to connect the strips together
  • 1 piece of non-woven* weed control fabric measuring 130x130 cm (aka the weed mat)
*Non-woven weed control fabric works better than the well-known woven "waffle" cloth. It drains better and stops all the weeds: even the very strongest. The soil underneath also stays better intact.