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MM-Schepje RVS

MM-Schepje RVS

Stainless steel trowel with wooden handle and strong cord. The nice wide scoop with its rounded edge means when you dig, it won't damage your weed mat.
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Our trowel: the MM-Schepje

Stainless steel scoop, wooden handle, and sturdy hanging cord. 32 cm long. Looks as good as it feels in your hand. 

It’s got our logo on it too :-). 

What makes our trowel so handy?

Since the MM-Mix is so loose and airy, you don't need a big shovel. A hand trowel should do it. 

Too bad that most trowels get busted or rusted quickly. Design-wise, they’re usually pretty narrow and have a pointed nose. If you dig deep, that point can puncture your weed mat. 

Our trowel is nice and wide and has a rounded stainless steel blade. 

When you use it once, you won’t want any other trowel in your life.