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MM-Klimrek trellis

MM-Klimrek trellis

A vertical trellis is super helpful for your climbers and taller plants. Attach your big plants with tie wraps for extra support. Let your pole beans and snow peas climb up themselves.
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Net size: 120x180cm Works with: MM-Hero Garden Boxes and Tables

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Our trellis: the MM-Klimrek

Vertical trellises are an important part of your Planty Garden. You can attach your climbing vegetables to them for extra support. And your beans and peas will climb right up on their own. 

Our tomato and climbing zucchini varieties take up way less trellis space than others.

BTW: Are you getting a raised bed? Then get the trellis at the same time. It's easiest to do assembly at the same time.
Sturdy and reliable
Our trellis is made of sturdy scaffolding tubes. The connectors and brackets are made of galvanized cast iron. This makes the trellis super sturdy: it can't blow over. And the heat and cold won't have an impact. 

The MM-Klimrek is 120 cm wide and 2 meters tall when measured from the bottom of the raised bed.

You mount the frame on the side planks of your bed. It goes in the middle of that the back row of your bed, so your vegetables will grow on the front and the back of the trellis net. 

The ideal net
The black trellis nets are made especially for us. The material is UV-resistant, so tit will last a long time. 

The net measures 120 x 180 cm and mesh square are 10 cm x 10 cm. This is the perfect size for putting your hand and guiding your plants through it. But there's still enough net for your plants to grab onto.
What do you get?
You receive the trellis parts in an easy assembly kit. It comes with:
  • the scaffold tubes
  • galvanized, cast iron connectors and brackets
  • the strong UV-resistant synthetic net with 10 x 10 cm mesh
  • materials to put it it all together
How do you set it up?
The trellis comes as a kit with tubes, connectors,  brackets, and strong plastic netting.

You can find the full assembly instructions here

To attach the brackets to your container, you need to drill some holes in the side boards of the container. You will need a drill with a 9 mm drill bit.

We supply a drilling template, so it can't go wrong.

! - Take a good look at the instructions before you start drilling. After all, it would be a bummer if you drill the holes in the wrong place and your trellis frame is crooked ;-).

It's easiest to first attach the brackets of trellis to the raised bed planks before you assemble the bed. Assembling the trellis is a little trickier if your raised bed is already set up, but it's doable.

Once you've drilled, attaching the brackets and putting it all together is a piece of cake. 
Is this trellis only for our raised beds?
You can mount this trellis on almost any raised bed with inner measurements of 120 cm wide. But then the side planks must be pretty wide and solid: at least 2 cm thick.