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Gift Card - 25 Euro

Gift Card - 25 Euro

Step up your gift-giving game: Let your friend or special somebody pick their own Planty Gardening goodies. 

Green thumb or not, they're sure to love it. 

€ 25,00

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How it works

Buy a Planty Gardening gift certificate. 
After checkout, you'll receive an email with a .pdf file that contains a unique code. With that code, someone else can make a purchase in the Planty Gardening webshop. 
How do you share the code? 
You can do that in two ways: 
1. Print 
Print the .pdf file. Put it in an envelope with some glitter and a long heartfelt letter. Then send it via snail mail. 
2. E-mail 
Type up an e-mail and add the .pdf file as an attachment. Don't forget to press send :-).

Multiple orders with 1 gift card

The code on the voucher is good for the exact value stated there. But you don't have to spend that amount all at once. 
For example, if you have a gift card of €50 and you place an order for €30 worth of stuff, you can place another order later using the remaining €20. 
You can also check how much you have left to spend. 

What if you get more than one gift card?

Even better, right? :-) When you order, you can fill in multiple codes. 

Why only digital and no physical cards?

Honestly? It's expensive and not eco-friendly. (Especially the glitter part).