Grow Bags + Boxes

Choose your grow bags and garden boxes.


Our grow bag: Perfect for small spaces or expanding your raised garden. Keeps fast-spreading plants in check. Made from recycled plastic bottles.


Our next-level grow bag with 4 square vegetable patches. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Breathable material = good for your plants.


With an MM-Hero, you invest in the future. Indestructible, beautifully designed, and made from recycled plastic.

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Garden Boxes: Big Harvests in Small Space

With a real Planty Garden, you're set up for success from the start. With durable materials so you can harvest season after season.

There are plenty of containers, planters, raised beds and garden tables. But only ours are made specifically for the Planty system and work together perfectly.

They take up very little space, but produce a lot. If you use them together with the MM-Mix, our seeds and the app, you pretty much can't go wrong. 

Choices, choices :-)

Our garden boxes come in different sizes and different materials: from small to large, they can be placed almost anywhere and work for everyone. They're all made of safe and durable materials that last a long time.

Some of our planter boxes can be placed directly on the ground, others on a pallet, and we even have beautiful vegetable garden tables: complete with a base and legs.

You can order them with or without our MM-Mix. You can attach a trellis to some. And, if you order seeds and labels with them, you can start right away.

To make it extra easy for you, we even put together some starter kits with everything included. So you don't have to think about it too hard. 

Fill 'er up with MM-Mix

We made this soil mix especially for our system. All your plants will thrive in this stuff: from vegetables to herbs and from flowers to small fruits. You never have to worry about special compost for this, or another potting soil for that. 

On top of that, the MM-Mix lasts pretty much forever. You never need to replace it. You only have to top it up with some MM-Plantfood now and then, and after a year or two, with some new mix. Better for the planet, and your wallet ;-).

Super-efficient use of space

To earn back the investment you made in your garden box, fill it with the MM mix asap and add as much veg as possible.

We're all about maximum efficiency. So divide your boxes into 30 x 30 cm sections with the grid (MM-Rasterset). Our MM-Minis - the small grow bags - are the size of one little section. We call these sections square patches. Because each is self-contained garden plot. 

If you want to grow climbing vegetables, you can add a trellis on the north side of your vegetable garden box.  

Now you're ready to fill your garden with veg. You'll find seeds that are perfect for this system in the shop. Tasty, easy, and fast-growing. 

Varieties that produce a lot, without a lot of space.

Each square patch = a separate garden

In each 30x30 cm patch, your vegetables have just the right amount of room to grow.

Low-growing plants are placed at the front, the slightly larger ones behind them, and climbing plants or tall tomatoes are placed at the back of the box: near the trellis. This way each vegetable gets enough sun and they're never in each other's shadow.  

And that pays off. Because this system produces much more than a traditional vegetable garden per square meter. Up to 5 times as much!