MM-Airbak (Black)

MM-Airbak (Black)

Our next-level grow bag. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 4 square vegetable patches. Maximum harvest per square foot.

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Inner dimensions: 60x60 cm Outside dimensions: 60x60 cm (Working) Height: 20 cm Incl: Grid Weight with wet MM-Mix: max. 30 kg

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Special design that makes gardening easier than ever

We made this planter for anyone who wants a quick, and well, inexpensive start to a Planty Garden. You just click it together, fill it with MM-Mix and you're ready to sow.

It has 4 sections of 30x30 cm, so you have room for 4 different vegetable varieties. It's also ideal for herbs.

Since you don't have to replace the soil mix, you can enjoy your MM-Airbak for years to come.

The material: good for plants and planet

The breathable material is good for your plants

If you grow your vegetables in a small space, their roots need air. That is why vegetables don't grow as well in regular pots.

With our 60x60cm planter, your plants will grow better thanks to the breathable material.

Fight plastic waste

You know what we're completely done with? All the plastic crap in the world. With a Planty Garden, you help reduce plastic waste.

First off, because everything you harvest yourself doesn't come in plastic packaging. That makes a difference.

And, with an MM-Airbak, you actively put plastic trash to use. The materials - both the frame and cloth - are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

Safe to use 

The MM-Airbak is carefully constructed, completely safe, and garden-friendly. The plastic won't seep into your soil or contaminate it in any way. It's safe for your plants, plant-friendly insects, pets, and you.

Perfect with the free Planty Gardening app

A doubt-free, stress-free gardening experience. Our Planty Gardening app is here for you.

The free app is your personal vegetable garden coach. It tells you exactly what, when, and how to care for your garden.

If something does go wrong - it's still nature we're talking about, after all - then the app will help you through it. Zero stress.

The app was built to work perfectly with the MM-Airbak.

Even if you can't keep a houseplant alive: with this app you can garden like a seasoned pro. Even a kid can do it. (No, really. It's great for kids! )

Fill 'er up with the best soil mix

That an Easy Kitchen Garden is so successful is largely due to our soil mix.  It gives your vegetables exactly what they need to grow up healthy and strong: moisture, nutrition, water and air. 

Everything grows on the Easy Vegetable Garden Mix - from lettuce heads to climbing zucchini.  If you order the bags with your container, you will have the ideal growing basis in one go. 

You need 2 bags of 40L Easy Kitchen Garden Mix to fill your container.

Find the right spot for your MM-Airbak

The closer your MM-Airbak is to your kitchen, the more you'll remember harvest. See it as an extension of your refrigerator ;-). You don't want to forget your garden.

Vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. So find a sunny spot for your MM-Airbak. Thanks to its compact size, it can fit almost anywhere.

This planter has a built-in bottom, so you can easily put it on your terrace or tiles. Tip: Put it on a table outside for optimal working height.

Easy Assembly (Instructions)

You'll receive all the Air-Bak parts in a nice box.

You connect the parts together, kind of like a kid's Lego or K'nex set. It takes just a few minutes to assemble.

Then fill it with MM-Mix, and you're ready to sow :-). 

Full instructions here