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MM-Hero 60x120 garden table

MM-Hero 60x120 garden table

Our elevated garden box is made from 100% recycled plastic. Grows 8 types of vegetables at once. At table height for easy access: ideal just outside your kitchen door. 

€ 249,00
Add soil mix (essential)

The ideal soil for your vegetable garden. It gives your plants exactly what they need. And it lasts forever.

Add for climbing plants:

A vertical trellis is crucial for your climbing plants and super helpful for tall growers.

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✓ Planty app included

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Details: with legs and bottom
Inner dimensions: 60x120 cm
Outer dimensions: 66x126 cm
Plank thickness: 3 cm
(working) Height: 79 cm
Incl: grid and weed mat
Weight with wet MM-Mix: max. 185 kg

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A Super Durable Garden Table

Our ultimate garden bix lasts pretty much forever: it's practically indestructible. Made with sturdy planks of recycled plastic from Save Plastics. 

With our MM-Hero, you can set up a successful vegetable garden in no time and enjoy it for years to come. 

Even better: you put dozens of pounds of plastic waste to work growing fresh vegetables in a sustainable way. That's plastic that would otherwise end up in incinerators. Twice as good for the environment :-).

When can you start a Planty Garden?
Anytime! Pretty much. You can set up a Planty Garden year-round. You only want to avoid sowing in December and January. Otherwise, you're good to go!

This garden box will last a long time. You set it up once: not just for the season, but for years to come.

The sooner you start, the more you'll harvest. And the more you'll enjoy.

What's the best spot for your Planty Garden?
Vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. So find a sunny spot for your garden. 

Other than that, it can go anywhere: In your (front) yard, on your balcony, or (roof) terrace. We even know somebody who has a garden box on his boat ;-).

Tip: The closer your Planty Garden is to your kitchen, the more you'll remember harvest. See it as an extension of your refrigerator ;-). 

What's that grid and sowing system all about?
A Planty Garden is always divided into squares of 30x30cm. That's for a good reason: each square patch is just the right size to maximize your harvest.

One square plot contains your choice of 16 radishes, 9 beets, 4 heads of lettuce, or 1 dino kale.

Grid and weed mat
We include a grid with your garden box to mark off each plot. The grid is made of flexible, white plastic strips that you assemble into the signature crisscrossed shape.

The grid divides up each vegetable's territory: the radish patch is clearly separated from the lettuce patch.

The grid won't break down after years of sun and moisture. So it's more convenient than the wooden slats that come with other planter boxes and lasts longer than twigs or other temporary fixes.

We also include a weed mat. It prevents weeds from growing into the box from below.

Seeding System
Our app helps you sow just the right amount per patch, so you do everything right the first time. It covers:

  • the right time to sow
  • exactly enough space for each plant variety
  • from low to high
  • crop-rotation
  • harvesting early and often
  • staggered sowing
  • plant variation
How do you maintain a Planty Garden?
With a Planty Garden, you sow, water, check-in, and harvest for about 5 minutes a day.

Weeding or digging? No need

With a Planty Garden, you skip the intense, time-consuming work a regular vegetable garden requires. 

You sow exactly what you need in the right place at the right time.

What's left to do?

Only the fun parts: sowing, taking care of your plants, and harvesting.

How do you do that? With the app 

The free Planty Gardening app is your personal vegetable gardening coach. It tells you exactly what, when, and how to maintain your garden. 

If something does go wrong - it's still nature we're talking about, after all ;-) - then the app will help you. Zero stress.

Even if you can't keep a houseplant alive: with this app you can garden like a seasoned pro. Even a kid can do it. Seriously!
Is it really worth it?
A Planty Garden yields 5 times as much per square meter compared to a regular vegetable garden.

Because you sow each 30x30 cm square patch several times a year, you produce on average about 12 euros worth of fresh, organic vegetables per plot. A box with a trellis yields even more.

You quickly earn back your investment when you harvest. But because your garden table will last for years and you don't have to replace the MM-Mix, what you produce after that first season is pure profit. Ka-CHING.

Trouble with slugs? We've got you covered
Slugs and snails can ruin the fun of a garden.

The Planty Gardening app gives you tips on how to prevent that. For almost everyone, that's more than enough. But, some people live in a snail zone with armies of snails in the summer.

If you are one of those unlucky people, then we have the solution: an electric fence for snails. It completely seals off your garden table from slugs and snails, without killing them.

You can order it now or later on, once you spot signs of a snail invasion.

How do you set it up? (Instructions)
Parts for our garden boxes are delivered separately and are super easy to assemble. You can find the full instruction manual here:

With a Phillips screwdriver and a socket wrench, it's easy to set up. 


If you order a trellis too, you'll prep that part first. It comes as a kit with:

  • aluminum pipes for the trellis frame
  • galvanized, cast iron corner pieces and brackets
  • a strong UV-resistant plastic net with 10 x 10 cm mesh
Just for the trellis, you'll also need your own drill. The five minutes of drilling is the most labor-intensive part ;-). 

NOTE: Carefully read the instructions before you start. It would be a shame if your trellis is crooked or if you drill the holes in the wrong place ;-).

You'll first attach the brackets to the box's side planks. Drill a couple of 9 mm holes. Once you've drilled the holes, attaching the brackets and putting the trellis together is a piece of cake:

  •  put in the pipes into the brackets
  •  connect the corner pieces
  •  secure everything firmly with the included hex key
That's it. You've got your trellis frame all set up. You attach the net to the frame with tie wraps. (The kit comes with about 30.)

More about materials and sustainability
Our MM-Heroes are made from 100% recycled plastic. 

The 3 cm(!) thick planks are made of the same material used for scaffolding meant to last for hundreds of years. The material is indestructible, doesn't warp, and is infinitely recyclable.  

For your Planty Garden, you kill two birds with one stone: You save the world from a mountain of plastic waste and your garden table will last for years to come.

Save Plastics and Remi Hoefman

We developed the MM-Hero in collaboration with Save Plastics. This non-profit organization is committed to using plastic as a raw material. The design is by Remi from Hoefman Engineering.

1 garden box = a living room full of plastic

This 60x120 garden table is made of about 1 cubic meter (about 20KG) of compressed plastic waste. Before compression, that's the equivalent of about 1 living room full of plastic waste that's usually tough to recycle.

Safe & clean

This material complies with the strictest safety and environmental requirements and is also used for revetments in nature reserves. It even remains intact when constantly wet. So you don't have to worry about plastic particles getting into your garden. 

Fittings / Screws

The boards are attached to each other with corner pieces and thick screws of super strong galvanized steel.

Remi (Hoefman Engineering): "If you put this planter box in the ocean, 100 years from not it will still be in one piece."

More about ordering and delivery
We currently ship to the Netherlands and Belgium.

We ship the garden boxes and soil mix (MM-Mix) with a freight company. Usually on a pallet. So, it works a little differently than a package delivered through the postal service. 

The prices of the MM-Heroes include transportation costs.


When you want to order, check your preferred date on the calendar (Monday through Friday).

You can provide any helpful details in the comments section. For example, you can inform us if the conditions for unloading are not ideal so the carrier can take it into account.

If you order and pay (!) on a working day, you should receive your MM-Hero two days later. Deliveries are not made on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. 


Make sure that someone is present to receive the pallet or inform us where the pallet can be delivered. If we are unable to deliver the pallet, the driver will take it back with him and we'll have to make a new delivery appointment. Should this happen, you are responsible for covering any extra costs of a second delivery trip.

The pallet(s) will be delivered to your front door or the nearest location with easy access for a large truck (so not in your hallway or backyard). The MM-Heroes and the bags of mix are heavy so keep in mind that you will have to carry them to their final destination (on your 4th-floor roof terrace, or your backyard.)

Please note that due to the Corona regulations, drivers are not allowed to bring goods beyond the sidewalk or to the threshold of the building.

(The pallet stays behind and is yours to keep. If you're not cool with that, call your local community center: they're often happy to have them.)

Shipping to Belgium

We also ship to Belgium. Because of the extra costs the transport company charges and the toll, it adds up to an additional €35,-.  

The extra shipping costs are visible once you add your address in the order form. 

(We do not yet do pallet shipments to other countries. That will probably be possible in the course of this year). 

Pick up at points of sale

You can pick up our garden boxes from a few handy locations. Check the map for locations in NL and BE:

These folks usually have a few on hand. So you can check them out in person. Otherwise, they can also order them for you. They may even be able to deliver them for a small fee.

Note: order directly from them and not here in the shop.

Planty for schools and community
Planty Gardens are great for schools or community initiatives.

If you are investing in an edible garden for an institution, do it right the first time. There's a lot of planning, time and money involved. Don't settle for inadequate materials that break down quickly.

Using our materials and system, your vegetable garden is guaranteed to succeed.

Setting up a complete Planty Garden takes little time and is easy: no technical know-how needed. Our garden boxes are available in 2 sizes, with or without soil, legs and/or trellis. This makes them easy to use for children, adults, the elderly, and wheelchair access. 

Tip: Choose the smallest size if you've got children in mind.

Project discount

For large orders, we offer a discount, depending on the project and the number of garden boxes you'd like. Call or email us for information and advice.

Delivery can be made on short notice, no problem.