MM-Mini (Black)

MM-Mini (Black)

Grow bag of 30x30x20 cm. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Ideal in tight spaces or to extend your raised bed garden. Perfect for fast-spreading plants. 

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MM-Minis: Grow bags designed just right

The MM-Mini grow bag has the same measurements as one square foot garden patch: 30x30 cm and 20 cm high. It's got handy handles, loops for bamboo to support your taller plants, and is made of breathable material.

Your plants will grow great, even in this tiny space.

Waaay better than in a pot

Our grow bag is ideal for: 

  • tiny gardens or balconies 
  • trying out the Planty Gardening way
  • as a gift
  • empty spots in your garden
  • plants that don't understand boundaries - like mint
  • frost-averse summer vegetables: you can bring them inside in no time
Works with the free app
A doubt-free, stress-free gardening experience. Our Planty Gardening app is here for you.

The free app is your personal vegetable garden coach. It tells you exactly what, when, and how to care for your garden.

If something does go wrong - it's still nature we're talking about, after all - then the app will help you through it. Zero stress.

Even if you can't keep a houseplant alive: with this app you can garden like a seasoned pro. Even a kid can do it. (No, really. It's great for kids! )
Super sustainable: 100% recycled material
You know what we're completely done with? All the plastic crap in the world. With a Planty Garden, you help reduce plastic waste.

First off, because everything you harvest yourself doesn't come in plastic packaging. That makes a difference.

And with an MM-Mini, you are actively putting plastic trash to use. The material is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

Safe to use 

The grow bag is carefully constructed, completely safe, and garden-friendly. The plastic won't seep into your soil or contaminate it in any way.
How do you keep your MM-Minis clean?
The MM-Minis will last for years. But since the material allows water and air to pass through it, as time goes by you'll see some stains. It's unavoidable: wet soil mix and the outdoors means nature does its thing.

If you see green deposits, they're most likely caused by algae. Algae love cold, wet weather and stagnant water.

Luckily, the material is easy to clean:

During the season you can easily remove the dirty spots with a sponge and some gall soap.

At the end of the season, put your plantless grow bags in a dry place (like in the shed), to prevent excessive algae.

At the start of a new season, you can wash dirty minis just fine.

First, soak them for a few hours in soapy water with mild soap and some gall soap. If you have algae stains, add a generous splash of vinegar as well: algae can't stand that. Then rinse the minis well.

If they are still dirty, you can even put them in the washing machine: use a cold setting or max 30 degrees celsius.
How is it better than a regular pot?
If you grow your plants in a regular pot, the roots keep growing along the inner walls in endless circles. They don't absorb enough nutrients and will eventually suffocate themselves. A sad story.

Then there's the grow bag: The MM-mini is made of breathable material that lets more air in. When a root comes into contact with the grow bag wall, it stops growing. Instead, your plant produces new, healthy roots. No wasting energy growing in circles. Your plant grows healthy and strong.