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Bok Choi

Bok Choi

Bok Choi comes in many varieties. This one is simply delicious. You can sow it in spring and summer. Grows quickly with beautiful green stems.
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Sowing time: March-May and July-Aug Height: 15-25 cm Contents: 0.75 grams

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Bok Choi

This Bok Choi grows fast and easy. The mild flavor is great for your stir-fries. 

Sow this variety in spring or late summer. (Don't sow in early summer or your overeager plants will flower too quickly.)
Species name: Bak Choi Green F1 
Family: Cruciferous 
Plants per square patch: 4 
Height: 15 to 25 cm 
Sowing time: Mid-March/May and July/August 
Sowing depth: 0.5 to 1 cm 
Time to harvest: After 6 weeks 
Germination time: About 12 - 25°C in 5 - 14 days 
Sunlight: Can grow in sun and shade
Want to buy Bok Choi seeds? We sell seed bags separately, or, you can get them as part of a seed pack: 

What's so special about our Bok Choi?

This oriental leafy cabbage grows fast. Our Bok Choi produces compact heads, so 4 of them fit in one 30x30 cm garden plot. 
For most varieties, late June is the time to sow Bok Choi. This variety is different. Our Bok Choi grows super fast and does best in springtime. 

If sown in late June, these plants will bolt in a hot second. 

So, sow in spring or the very end of summer. Trust me :-).

Sowing and growing

Growing Bok Choi is simple. You'll see your first seedlings in no time. From then on, the plants grow quickly. 
Just watch out: snails and caterpillars love leafy cabbages like Bok Choi. 
And once the plants are mature, they’ll go to flower. So, be sure to harvest them in time.
Step-by-step sowing and growing instructions are in the Planty Gardening app.  

How do you use it?

Bok Choi leaves and the stems are delicious. Young raw leaves are great in salads, but are most often used in stir-fries. 
You can also try raw Bok Choy in your mashed potatoes: throw in some cheese, bacon or minced meat. Or try the vegetarian version with fried onions and mushrooms: yum!