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The tastiest snack cucumber. It grows great outside or in a greenhouse. Produces a lot over a long period of time, doesn't get bitter. Hardly any seeds to get stuck in your teeth.
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Sowing time: April - May Height: 200 cm < Contents: 6 seeds

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The tastiest snack cucumber. Perfect for your garden boxes or greenhouse. 

This variety produces a lot and the cucs never get bitter. They’re smooth, seedless, and delicious. 
Species name: Iznik F1 
Family: Fruit 
Plants per square patch: 2 along the trellis 
Height: up to 200 cm 
Pre-sowing: April to May 
Germination time: 20 - 25°C in 5 - 7 days 
Time to harvest: After 9 to 10 weeks and until the end of the summer 
Sunlight: Needs a sunny spot protected from the wind 
Want to buy Cucumber seeds? We sell seed bags separately, or, you can get them as part of a seed pack: 

What's so special about our Cucumber?

The Iznik is the Louis Vuitton of snack cucumbers: you can't get better and tastier cucumber than this. 
It does well outdoors as well as in a greenhouse, producing many smooth cucumbers 10-12 cm long. The cucumbers are seedless, and don’t get bitter. 

Sowing and growing

Cucumbers are true summer vegetables, so they can’t stand the cold. You first sow them indoors at the end of April and plant them in your garden at the end of May. 

Two plants fit in each square patch. You’ll put them at the back of your garden box near the trellis so they can climb. The cucumber plants make long tendrils that weave through the trellis net. 
Cucumbers need a lot of nutrition. Give them some extra MM-Plantfood when you move them outdoors, and add some more in mid-July. 
Cucumbers don’t do well right next to a patch of tomatoes, onions or chives. So always plant another vegetable variety between them. 
Step-by-step sowing and growing instructions are in the Planty Gardening app.  

How do you use it?

Snack Cucumbers are delicious raw. Eat them by the fistful. Or add cubes or slices to salads.  
Sour cucumber salad is popular in the Netherlands, but you can do so much more. Think Greek tzatziki, cucumber soup, or a cucumber stew with potatoes, onion and minced meat.  
No peeling necessary: the skin is thin and full of vitamins.