MM-Seizoens: Seasonal seed pack

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€ 16,50


Extend your growing season with this assortment of 12 seed varieties. These plants either thrive in the summer months or are resistant to cold. So you can harvest more for longer.
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  • The app helps you with almost everything you do in your vegetable garden: sowing, tending, and harvesting.
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A Planty Garden works for a reason: our efficient vegetable gardening system gives your plants everything they need with little effort.

Our app works 100% perfectly with our system. You get fun, game-like advice tailored to your Planty Garden. So you grow like a pro, with no previous experience.

Our seasonal seed pack: MM-Seizoens

Our seed varieties grow quickly, easily, and produce huge harvests with little space. We make sure all our seeds work 100% perfectly with the Planty system.

When you order this seed pack, you get 12 seeds that extend your growing season