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Our fast-growing radishes are super easy and fun to grow. This variety produces plump radishes (up to 8 cm wide!) in 4-6 weeks. Crisp, crunchy taste.
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Sowing time: March - June and Sept - Mid-Oct Height: 15-25 cm Contents: 3 grams

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Giant Radish

These radishes are amazing: they grows fast and with little effort. They're huge too! In 4-6 weeks, you get radishes as big as ping-pong balls. 

And they don’t get spongy like other radishes. Crisp, crunchy and delicious. 
  • Species: Giant Radish Riesenbutter 
  • Family: Cruciferous 
  • Plants per square patch: 16 
  • Height: 15 to 20 cm 
  • Sowing time: March - June and September - mid-October 
  • Sowing depth: 0.5 to 1 cm 
  • Germination time: 10 - 25°C in 3 - 11 days 
  • Time to harvest: After 4 weeks 
  • Sunlight: Can grow in both sun and semi-shade 
Want to buy our Giant Radish seeds? We sell seed bags separately, or, you can get them as part of a seed pack: 

What's so great about our Radish?

You can fit 16 radishes in one 30x30 cm square plot. 
And if you’re going to grow radishes, why not choose the biggest and tastiest you can get your hands on? 
This giant variety stays firm and crisp: they won’t get weird and spongy. And they taste great: fresh and not too sharp.

Sowing and growing

Radish seeds germinate real fast. Seedlings usually pop up after about 4 days. 

To sow, plant a few seeds in each hole. When the seedlings come up, thin them out carefully so the remaining radish plants have enough room to grow. 
Thinning out means cutting away extra seedlings at the soil line. If you uproot them like weeds, you'll disturb the remaining radishes. Same goes for transplanting: just don’t do it ;-). 
Step-by-step sowing and growing instructions are in the Planty Gardening app.  

How do yo use it?

You can enjoy radishes all by themselves. Eat them raw by the fistful, or add them to your salads. In the Netherlands, we love slicing them and putting them on bread with butter. Try it :-) 
You can also stew, bake or roast radishes in the oven. Cooking makes them juicier and gives them a milder flavor. 
Raw radish leaves are nice too. Toss young leaves raw in your salad. Older leaves are best in stews, stir-fries or pasta.