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A fast-growing spring and fall variety. The taste of the turnips themselves is spicy-sweet. You can eat them raw or stewed. The leaves are also delicious: toss them in soup or stir-fry. 
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Sowing time: March to April and August to mid-September Height: 40 cm Contents: 1 gram

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Turnips are fast-growing root vegetables.  They look kinda like radishes but bigger, and whiter. The leaves are good too. If you like, you can grow them for the turnip greens and only harvest the leaves. 
  • Species: Flat White May 
  • Family: Cruciferous 
  • Plants per square patch:
  • Height: 25-40 cm 
  • Sowing time: March to April and August to mid-September 
  • Sowing depth: 0.5 to 1 cm 
  • Germination time: 10 - 25°C in 7 - 14 days 
  • Time to harvest: Leaves after 5 weeks. Turnips after 10 weeks 
  • Sunlight: Can grow in sun and partial shade

Want to buy Turnip seeds? We sell seed bags separately, or, you can get them as part of a seed pack: 

What's so special about our Turnip?

This turnip variety is slow to bolt (flower). So you can enjoy your plants longer. 

Turnips are super healthy: rich in Vitamin C and packed with Calcium, Vitamin K and Magnesium. 
And if the roots are super healthy, then the leaves are just ridiculous. Turnip greens have at least 3 times as much Vitamin C, 6 times as much Calcium, and 250 times as much Vitamin K. They also contain a LOT of vitamin A. That's rare for a root vegetable.

Moral of the story? Eat both the turnip greens and the turnip itself.

Sowing and growing

Nine turnip plants fit in one 30x30 cm square patch. The seeds germinate around 7 - 14 °C.  When the seedlings come up, thin them out carefully so the remaining turnips have room to grow. 
Thinning out means cutting extra seedlings away at the soil line. If you uproot them like weeds, you'll disturb the remaining turnips. Same goes for transplanting: just don’t do it ;-). 
Step-by-step sowing and growing instructions are in the Planty Gardening app.  

How do you use it?

Eat the tangy turnip greens raw in salads or cooked like spinach. They’re also delicious when stir-fried or mushed up in your mashed potatoes. 
The turnips themselves are spicy when raw, kind of like radishes. They’re delicious in salads. 
When cooked, turnips get soft, tender and sweeter. Tasty! Add to a stir-fry.