Mix + plant food

Our signature soil mix (MM-mix) and nutrients.

Soil mix and plant food

A Planty Garden isn't dug directly into your back yard. We use garden boxes or grow bags filled with a special soil mix: MM-Mix.

The soil mix comes in individual bags or on pallets. It's rich, airy, and works with all plants. It just needs a nutrient boost once in a while. That's where our MM-Plantfood comes in.

Why do you need a special soil mix?

We work with garden boxes that are about 20 cm deep and we stuff them with vegetables. That’s some intense growing. If you try to grow like this in ordinary potting soil or straight into your back yard, you won’t get much out of it. You need a soil mix that gives your plants everything they need.

Our MM-Mix is the only soil mix made to work with our small-scale, intense growing system. It's full of natural nutrients, is nice and airy, and it retains moisture: exactly what plants like.

Really, soil mix will make or break your garden. With our MM-Mix you're guaranteed success. On top of that, you can leave the soil mix in your garden forever. You never have to replace it. And it's really nice to work with.

So, what exactly is the MM-Mix?

MM-Mix is a loamy soil mix with lots of natural nutrients. It gives your plants a perfectly balanced diet. 

MM-Mix includes a mixture of 3 key ingredients: vermiculite, fiber, and nutrient-rich compost. 

All vegetables thrive on the MM-Mix: lettuce heads grow just as well as beets and beans. Herbs, flowers, potatoes, strawberries, even your houseplants love it. 

The bottom line is: You never have to wonder if your soil is compatible with your pickier vegetables. With the MM-Mix, all plants thrive. 

Works great and nice to work with

Whatever you grow in your MM-Mix, grows well. No fertilizing. That's it.
It's also nice to work with: Go ahead, sift it through your fingers 🙂
The MM-Mix retains water well without ever getting too wet.
It only provides the nutrients your plants need when they need it.
You can leave this soil mix in your garden box for years and never have to replace it. Can't say the same about potting soil.

Pallets of MM-Mix to your door

For a 120x120 cm garden box, you'll need 7x 40L bags of MM-Mix.  

If you need a lot of bags or if you order together with a friend, buying a full pallet is cheaper than individual bags.

If you have bags left over, you can become a temporary reseller if you like. Or give them all to that friend for their birthday.


In a Planty Garden, you don't use fertilizers. But even in this soil mix, once in a while, you will need to add some extra nutrients once your plants have used them up. We've made a special plant food just for this purpose: 

It is: 
  • 100% organic and environmentally friendly 
  • compatible with all plants
  • works for a long time - up to 5 months
  • super easy to use
This plant food keeps your plants strong and healthy and gets you a huge harvest.

How and when to use plant food?

Vegetables that take longer to grow can stay in their square patches for a while. The longer they're there, the more nutrients they consume. I'm talking about plants like tomatoes and zucchinis: their soil mix will need some extra nutrients.

Another moment for a nutrient boost is at the start of a new growing season, when your garden boxes has been left alone for a couple months. Before sowing something new, add some MM-Plantfood.

MM-Plantfood comes in boxes of 1kg. There's a handy cardboard scoop inside. 

And the best part? The Planty Gardening app will tell you when and how much to add. No sweat.