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MM-Mix 40L

MM-Mix 40L

The mix for your vegetable garden. Gives your plants exactly what they need. Stays good for years to come.

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Why is our MM-Mix so freaking good?

Because our MM-Mix gives your vegetables exactly what they need: moisture, nutrients, water, and air.

The ideal soil composition means that your plants don't have to waste their energy producing large root balls. Even large plants - like tomatoes and sunflowers - get everything they need from a 30x30 cm plot filled with just 15 to 20 cm of MM-Mix. 
Harvest lots with little space
Thanks to the MM-Mix, you can harvest lots from a tiny garden plot. Your plants will grow better in this mix than in any other soil. 

The mix also lets you start sowing earlier and harvest faster. And you use less water.
What's in the MM-Mix?
MM-Mix is a mixture of coarse vermiculite, brown peat, extra fiber, bark chips and compost. It also contains organic nutrients.

Vermiculite is a natural mineral that expands in high heat - just like popcorn. The fluffy chunks hold air and absorb a lot of water, releasing it slowly: this ensures healthy root growth.

Vermiculite has a neutral PH and works as a great buffer. It reduces problems associated with high or low acidity. It also binds nutrients and minerals to itself until your plant needs them.

The vermiculite we use in the MM-Mix is coarse-grained and approved for organic horticultural use.

Fiber, like brown peat, retains water while its pores remain filled with air. That's what makes it so popular for potting soil.

Our brown peat is extracted from raised bogs: the top layer of undigested plant residue, mostly peat moss. Our brown peat is long-lasting. It's light or medium brown in color.

Fibers have a low PH value, so it makes the soil somewhat acidic.

Compost and nutrients 
Compost is the dark goop left over when plants decay. The average PH value is very high. It's alkaline: the opposite of acidic.

Perfect compost is full of nutrients and minerals that vegetables love. It is also loose and retains moisture.

The 100% organic nutrients included in our MM-Mix are is made especially for us. It includes more than 15 natural raw materials.

The magic combination 
The vermiculite and the fibers retain moisture while keeping the soil mix loose and airy. The compost and special plant food provide the nutrients. 

Taken separately, they are great materials with excellent growing properties. But together? It’s magic. 

You get a soil mix with everything your plants need. And a PH level that’s great for pretty much any plant variety. So, my blueberries do just as well as my lettuce and green beans. 

Okay, I admit: a nursery will grow bigger pumpkins than me. But who cares, my pumpkins are delicious. And I never have to worry if my soil will work with my other plants. 
Is the MM-Mix sustainable?
Yes it is, and not just because we use natural ingredients. You can leave the MM-Mix in your raised beds year round and never have to replace it. 

During the growing season, you do add some MM-Plantfood after your harvest. And at the beginning of a new season you can top off your bed with some fresh MM-Mix. 
Is the MM-Mix organic?
All ingredients in the MM-Mix are RHP-certified and approved for organic cultivation. The MM-Plantfood has an ECO certificate. 

So, we could go for certified organic without a problem. But: that takes a long time, is ridiculously expensive, and you have to pay even more every year just to get a label on the bag. We’d then have to make the MM-Mix more expensive and we don't want that. 

So: is the mix organic? Yes, but we’re not allowed to say so ;-). 
How do you use the MM-Mix?
The bags are filled with 40 liters of MM-Mix. You can't compare a liter of mix with a liter of water. After all, the mix contains a lot of air and because the bags are on pallets, the mix is pressed together.

So, when filling your raised bed, first shake the mix well to make it loose and airy. Never press on the mix and definitely don’t stand on it. The more airy your mix is the better your plants will grow.

Before sowing 
Before sowing, you have to moisten the mix. The mix is super absorbent so you’ll need a lot of water. 
Also, just before and just after planting, add some water where the seed is or the base of the seedling. The vermiculite in the mix holds the water exactly where it is needed: around the seed or roots of the plant.

Sowing again in the same spot 
If you’re reusing a raised bed at the start of the new growing season, top it off with fresh MM-Mix so it’s full again. Then sprinkle in 60 ml of MM-Plantfood per square patch. 
Mix it up good. Scoop the soil mix from the front of the raised bed to the soil at the back, soil from the left with soil from the right, and vice versa. This will make the mix airy again. 

Last step: put your grid (MM-Raster) back on the mix. Then you’re ready for the new season ;-).