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MM-Mix Pallet 120x 20L

MM-Mix Pallet 120x 20L

Pallet with 120 bags of 20L MM-Mix. Handy for resellers whose smaller 20L bags sell like hotcakes. No extra shipping costs.

€ 500,00

✓ Choose your delivery date

✓ Planty app included

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Pallets of MM-Mix

Do you need a lot of soil mix? Then buying in bulk is the way to go. It's cheaper than getting bags separately and the pallet is delivered for free.

If you have bags left over, then we can put you on the map as a (temporary) reseller if you like.
What is the MM-Mix?
MM-mix is the ideal soil mix for your vegetable garden box. You never have to replace it. All your plants do well in it: from lettuce heads to beans to beets. 

It is a loose and airy soil mix with lots of natural nutrients. It gives your vegetables exactly what they need. It's the main reason you can harvest so much from a small space.
Price and ordering
The price of the pallet includes 21% VAT and transport costs (unless its going to the Wadden islands or somewhere outside the Netherlands).

The pallet will be delivered to your doorstep: on the sidewalk or on the street. So, the delivery person won't bring them to your backyard or in your shed: the pallets are too heavy for that.

How long does it take?
When placing your order, indicate where and when you want the pallet to be dropped off. Check the calendar for your desired date of delivery. If it's not available, you should be able to pick another within a day or two.

You can add any delivery specifications in the comments box.

Full pallets of MM-mix are very heavy: around 900 kilos, so please make a note if the unloading conditions aren't ideal. The carrier can take this into account and may call you to go through everything.

Note: Your order will only reach us once its been paid for. If you pay by bank transfer, take an extra day or two, just to be on the safe side.

(The carriers will leave the pallet with you. If you're not into that, call your local carpenter or workspace: they're often happy to take it off your hands).

For our General Terms and Conditions, click here.
As soon as the order comes in, we'll send you a confirmation email with all the details. Check it carefully and contact us if you want to change anything.

The delivery company will send you another email early in the morning on the day of delivery.

The driver will ring your doorbell for your signature. If you're not at home, they will they will leave the pallet in the most logical place they can manage. If necessary, leave a note on the door with your instructions. Or write it in the comments when you fill out the order form.

Note: The carrier delivers the pallet to your door. Most drivers are willing (not obliged!) to place the pallet in your driveway or carport, but it shouldn't be difficult to do. Transportation over gravel roads, unpaved paths, over sidewalks and thresholds, etc isn't possible. At our place in Den Andel, we also have to haul the sacks of mix to the garden.

Just be sure that the pallet can actually be delivered. If the carrier has to take the pallet back, there are pretty high costs involved. And those extra costs will be for you to cover. 

So it's good you read this ahead of time ;-). Now you know everything you need to about pallet delivery.