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Essential for a plant's balanced diet. These nutrients keep your MM-Mix rich and healthy. 100% organic, easy to use, and super effective.

Works for up to 5 months in your garden, stays good in storage for years. Serving size: 1 package nourishes a 120x120 cm garden box for the whole year.
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Contents: 1 kg Includes: Little scoop

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Why use MM-Plantfood?
This soil supplement is made to keep the MM-Mix full of rich nutrients. 
  • 100% organic and environmentally friendly
  • suitable for all plants
  • feeds your plants for up to 5 months
  • super easy to use
Makes your plants stay strong, healthy, and produce a huge harvest. 
How do you use MM-Plantfood?
You add it to your MM-Mix to keep the soil rich and full of nutrients.

It works like this:
Inside the box, you’ll find a cardboard container with markings. The dashes indicate ml.
After the harvest

If you’ve completely harvested your patch and removed any remaining stems and roots, all that’s left is the soil mix. To prep for the next round of sowing, you’ll add the plant food.

Fill the cardboard container to the 50ml mark and sprinkle the plant food over the soil. Afterward, scoop well so soil and plant food are mixed together. That’s it - you’re ready to sow again.

Tomatoes and zucchini

Summer vegetables like tomatoes and zucchinis use more nutrients than others. They also hang out for a long time in the same patch of soil. So, when you plant these vegetables, add an extra dash of MM-Plantfood (30ml). Give them another helping every 4-5 weeks. The Planty Gardening app will remind you.
Has your soil mix been in your bed for a while?

If you’re reusing a raised bed at the start of the season, top it off with fresh MM-Mix so it’s full again. Then sprinkle in 60 ml of MM-Plantfood per square patch. (So, for a bed with 16 squares, you need 3/4 of the package.)
Then mix it up good. Scoop the soil from the front of the raised bed to the soil at the back, soil from the left with soil from the right, and visa versa.
Suitable for all your plants
MM-Plantfood is suitable for all your vegetables, herbs and flowers, both outdoors and in a greenhouse. You can even use it for your potted plants: 30ml per 10 liters soil mix.
What exactly is MM-Plantfood?
One package contains 1 kilogram of nutrients: enough for a 120x120cm raised bed for an entire year.
MM-Plantfood is made of 15 different natural raw materials of plant or animal origin.
Almost all of them come from byproducts after food processing. Think grape seeds, cocoa shells, feather meal and wheat husks. By using them to feed our plants, they don’t go to waste. Nice, right?
On top of that, the combination of these materials give your plants exactly the right nutritional balance and the minerals the need. It’s the perfect “dietary supplement” to our MM-Mix.
Good for the environment and good for your vegetables. 😊
But what about compost?
Good question! Once upon a time, we supplemented the plant food with a nutritious compost. But many Planty Gardeners said they found that a bit tricky to work with. 

Few people make their own compost, and the compost you can buy is either not ideal, or is contaminated with metals, plastic and weed seeds. Moreover, it rarely contains enough nutrition. 

Back in the day, our own Supercompost was too heavy to ship separately and few outlets sold it. 

So, we’ve decided to go with MM-Plantfood to supplement the soil mix and keep the nutrient content up. That's not only easier than compost, but also easier to give your plants the right “dose”.