Starter kits

Everything you need to grow your own vegetables. Complete packages with all the trimmings. From a small starter garden to a large vegetable garden for mega-harvests. 

Sowing or planting isn't an option, but planning for next year and getting set up? Now's a perfect time.

Starter kits with everything included

With a real Planty Garden, you're guaranteed success: huge harvests in small spaces.

To make it extra easy for you, we've put together starter kits with everything you need. So, you can start growing in no time.

We use sustainable materials and seeds that let you harvest all year round. Our garden boxes and grow bags take up little space. Best of all: everything works perfectly with our app, which coaches you from seed to harvest.

Small, medium or large?

Each starter kit comes with all the materials you need to set up a successful vegetable garden.

With a small starter kit, you get two 30x30 cm grow bags, MM-Mix, and 5 seed varieties. You can choose from our selection of fun colors.

A medium starter kit includes a 60x120 cm garden box, MM-Mix, 12 seed varieties, MM-Plantfood, a sturdy stainless steel trowel, and 20 plant labels with a waterproof marker. It comes with or without a bottom and legs.

The medium starter kit is also available as a 60x60 cm MM-Airbak instead of a garden box. (So, a lightweight planter made from cloth, instead of a heftier box.)

A big starter kit takes it to the max. The garden box is the largest we have: 120x120 cm.  

It comes with a sturdy trellis, MM-Mix, 30 seed varieties, air pots for pre-sowing, fine vermiculite, MM-Plantfood, stainless steel trowel and garden claw, and 20 plant labels with a waterproof marker. 

Prefer to choose your own materials?

Mixing and matching is no problem. You can choose to purchase materials separately in the webshop. But of course, that costs a bit more: about 10-15%.

Why choose our starter kit?

There are plenty of garden boxes, grow bags, and materials out there. But only ours are made specifically for our Planty Gardening system. And our system guarantees a successful vegetable garden. 

Plus, all our stuff is made from sustainable materials and built to last.

Choose a complete starter kit, and you can't go wrong.