Big starter kit - MM-Hero table

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Everything you need to grow a successful vegetable garden. Beautifully designed MM-Hero garden table with soil mix, seeds, trellis, plant food, and accessories included.
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Details: with legs and base plate
Inner dimensions: 120x120 cm
Outer dimensions: 126x126 cm
Plank thickness: 3 cm
(Working) Height: 97 cm
Incl: Grid (MM-Raster) and weed mat
Weight with wet MM-Mix: max. 290 kg
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  • The app helps you with almost everything you do in your vegetable garden: sowing, tending, and harvesting.
  • If something goes wrong, the app tells you what steps to take.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can ask us for advice.
  • If that still doesn’t help, we’ll look for other solutions together. Until we get it right.

A Planty Garden works for a reason: our efficient vegetable gardening system gives your plants everything they need with little effort.

Our app works 100% perfectly with our system. You get fun, game-like advice tailored to your Planty Garden. So you grow like a pro, with no previous experience.

Why is a Starter Kit Right for You?

This starter kit gives you everything you need to start your Planty Garden. It includes our MM-Hero: the ultimate vegetable garden box. This version comes in table form with a super-sturdy base and legs. It's indestructible and lasts pretty much forever. Its thick planks are made from recycled plastic from Save Plastics, and the legs and bottom are steel. 
This starter kit has everything you need to grow your own food in one go. Fill your MM-Hero with the MM-Mix, sow your seeds, and you're ready. The free Planty Gardening app coaches you every step of the way. 
All parts of the Planty system work together. Our soil mix gives your plants exactly what they need, they have enough room to grow, and the seed varieties go great together. 
The result? An instantly successful small-scale garden. No stress, no fuss, no grumpy trips to the garden center because you're missing that one thing you forgot. We've thought of everything for you ;-). 
With the starter kit, you do it right the first time. 
On top of that, you put dozens of kilos of plastic waste to work growing fresh vegetables. That’s plastic that was headed for the incinerators. 2x as good for the environment :-). 

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