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Medium Starter Kit - MM Hero

Medium Starter Kit - MM Hero

The perfect starter garden for first-timers: everything you need to grow your own food.

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Inner measurements: 60x120 cm
Outer measurements: 66x126 cm
Plank thickness: 3 cm
(Working) Height: 20 cm (79 cm with legs)
Includes: Grid and weed mat
Weight with wet MM mix: 180 kg max.
Details: Standard without base or legs. Option: add base plate and legs.

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Why is a Starter Kit right for you?

This starter kit gives you everything you need to start your Planty Garden. It includes our MM-Hero: the ultimate garden box. It lasts pretty much forever and is indestructible. Its thick planks are made from recycled plastic from Save Plastics. 
This starter kit has everything you need to grow your own food in one go. Fill your MM-Hero with the MM-mix, sow your seeds, and you're ready. The free Planty Gardening app coaches you every step of the way. 
All parts of the Planty system work together. Our soil mix gives your plants exactly what they need, they have enough room to grow, and the seed varieties go great together. 
The result? An instantly successful small-scale garden. No stress, no fuss, no grumpy trips to the garden center because you're missing that one thing you forgot. We've thought of everything for you ;-). 
With the starter kit, you do it right the first time. 
On top of that, you put dozens of kilos of plastic waste to work growing fresh vegetables. That’s plastic that was headed for the incinerators. 2x as good for the environment :-). 
What seeds does it come with?
This Starter Kit comes with the MM-Basis Seed Pack. Those are our essential seeds. You get 12 bags of 12 varieties: 
  • Lettuce
  • Arugola
  • Beetroot
  • Bush Basil
  • Dino Kale
  • Bibb Lettuce
  • Sugarsnap
  • Spinach
  • Carrot
  • Chard
  • Marigold
  • Radish
These plants will grow every time, and they'll keep your garden full throughout the year. Plus: They're delicious. A perfect assortment to start with. 

Our app knows all about these varieties and guides you step-by-step from seed to harvest.
What else is included?
One 60x120 cm MM-Hero
Our ultimate garden box: the MM-Hero. Made from super-strong recycled plastic material by Save Plastics. Stylish, sustainable and you're helping to make the world a cleaner, greener place. 

4 bags of 40L  MM-Mix
This is the key to success: with this soil mix, your plants will grow like weeds :-).

1 package of superfood: MM-Plantfood
The MM-Mix will last pretty much forever. The only thing you need to pep it up is some nutrients: MM-Plantfood. This package will keep your soil rich and healthy for the next two years.

20 MM-Plantlabels + Marker
After you've sown a patch, put a label on it right away. You don't want to forget what's under there. (You'll also put it to the app, but even then, trust me).

Stainless steel trowel: MM-Schepje
A trowel is a great tool to have on hand. You won't use it so often, but when those moments come, you'll be happy to have it.
When's the best time to start?
You can set up a Planty Garden anytime. Your garden will grow for months. From the early spring to the fall, there's always something to sow or harvest.

And the sooner you start, the more you'll harvest. And the more you'll love it.

With Planty, you won't just enjoy your garden now, but for years to come.

You never have to replace the MM-Mix. You just refresh the soil with some nutrients once in a while. (And, that's all included in this starter kit :-)!) The app tells you exactly when it's time to do that.

The seeds offer lots of variety and for almost the whole year. If you don't sow all your seeds, you can still use them in the years to come.
What's the best place to put it?
Put your Planty Garden in a sunny spot. Your vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

Other than that, they can go anywhere: your yard, your balcony, or (roof)terrace. We even know somebody who has a garden box on his boat! 

Tip: The closer your garden is to your kitchen, the more you'll remember harvest. Think of it as an extension of your refrigerator ;-).
What's that grid and sowing system all about?
A Planty Garden is always divided into squares of 30x30cm. That's for a good reason: each square patch is just the right size to maximize your harvest.

One square plot contains your choice of 16 radishes, 9 beets, 4 heads of lettuce, or 1 dino kale.

Grid and weed mat
We include a grid with each garden box to mark off each plot. The grid is made of flexible, white plastic strips that you assemble into the signature crisscrossed shape.

The grid separates each vegetable's territory: the radish patch is clearly separate from the lettuce patch.

The grid won't break down after years of sun and moisture. So it's more convenient than the wooden slats that come with other raised beds and lasts longer than twigs or other temporary fixes.

We also include a weed mat. It prevents weeds from growing into the box from below.

Seeding System
Our app helps you sow just the right amount per patch, so you do everything right the first time. It covers:

  • the right time to sow
  • exactly enough space for each plant variety
  • from low to high
  • crop rotation
  • harvesting early and often
  • staggered sowing
  • plant variation
How do you maintain a Planty Garden?
With your medium starter garden, you sow, water, check-in, and harvest in about 5 minutes a day. 

Weeding or digging? No need
With a Planty Garden, you skip the intense, time-consuming work a regular vegetable garden requires.

You sow exactly what you need in the right place at the right time. No transplanting needed either.

What's left to do? Only the fun stuff
Sowing, taking care of your plants, and harvesting :-).

How do you do that? With the app
The free app is your personal vegetable garden coach. It tells you exactly what, when, and how to care for your garden.

If something does go wrong - it's still nature we're talking about, after all - then the app will help you through it. Zero stress.

Even if you can't keep a houseplant alive: with this app you can garden like a seasoned pro. Even a kid can do it. (No, really. It's great for kids! )
Is it really worth it?
A Planty Garden yields 5 times as much per square meter compared to a regular vegetable garden.

Because you sow each 30x30 cm square plot several times a year, the average yield is about 12 euros for your fresh, organic vegetables. A planter with a trellis produces even more.

You quickly earn back your investment when you harvest. But because your garden box will last for years and you don't have to replace the MM-Mix, what you produce after that first season is pure profit. Ka-CHING.
How do you set it up?
This Starter Kit comes in separate boxes and the MM-Hero requires some assembly. Don't worry, it's easy.
Check out the instruction manual here.

If you order a trellis separately, you'll put it together before you build your garden box. The trellis comes as a kit with:
  • aluminum pipes for the trellis frame
  • galvanized, cast iron corner pieces and brackets
  • a strong UV-resistant plastic net with 10 x 10 cm mesh
Just for the trellis, you'll also need your own drill. The five minutes of drilling is the most labor-intensive part ;-).

NOTE: Carefully read the instructions before you start. It would be a shame if your trellis is crooked or if you drill the holes in the wrong place ;-).

You'll first attach the brackets to the loose side planks of the planter box. Drill a couple of 9 mm holes. Once that's done, attaching the brackets and putting the trellis together is a piece of cake:
  • put in the pipes into the brackets
  • connect the corner pieces
  • secure everything firmly with the included hex key
That's it. You've got your trellis frame all set up. You attach the net to the frame with tie wraps. 
More about materials and sustainability
Our MM-Hero's are made from 100% recycled plastic. 

The 3 cm(!) thick planks are made of the same material used for scaffolding meant to last for hundreds of years.  The material is indestructible, doesn't warp, and is infinitely recyclable.  

For your Planty Garden, you kill two birds with one stone: you save the world from a mountain of plastic waste and your vegetable garden box will last for years to come.

Save Plastics and Remi Hoefman
We developed the MM-Hero in collaboration with Save Plastics. This non-profit organization is committed to using plastic as a raw material. The design is by Remi of Hoefman Engineering.

1 garden box = a living room full of plastic
This 60x120 garden box is made of about 1 cubic meter (about 20KG) of compressed plastic waste. Before compression, that's the equivalent of about 1 living room full of plastic waste that's usually tough to recycle.

Safe & clean
This material complies with the strictest safety and environmental requirements and is also used for revetments in nature reserves. It even remains intact when constantly wet. So you don't have to worry about plastic particles getting into your garden. 

Fittings / Screws
The boards are attached to each other with corner pieces and thick screws of super strong galvanized steel.
Planty for schools and community
Planty Gardens are great for schools or community initiatives.

If you are investing in an edible garden for an institution, do it right the first time. There's a lot of planning, time and money involved. Don't settle for inadequate materials that break down quickly.

Using our materials and system, your vegetable garden is guaranteed to succeed.

Setting up a complete Planty Garden takes little time and is easy: no technical know-how needed. Our garden boxes are available in 2 sizes, with or without soil, legs and/or trellis. This makes them easy to use for children, adults, the elderly, and wheelchair access. 

Tip: Choose the smallest size if you've got children in mind.

Project discount

For large orders, we offer a discount, depending on the project and the number of vegetable garden boxes you'd like. Call or email us for information and advice.

Delivery can be made on short notice, no problem.