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Small starter kit - Marine blue

Small starter kit - Marine blue

The perfect starter package for first-time vegetable gardeners: everything you need to start growing your own food.
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Why is a Starter Kit right for you?

This starter kit has everything you need to grow your own food in one go.

Fill your grow bags with soil mix, sow your seeds, and you're ready. The free Planty Gardening app coaches you every step of the way.

All parts of the Planty system work together. The MM-Mix gives your plants exactly what they need, they have enough room to grow, and the seed varieties grow great together.

The result? An instantly successful small-scale garden. No stress, no fuss, no grumpy trips to the garden center because you're missing that one thing you forgot. We've thought of everything for you ;-).

With the starter kit, you do it right the first time. It's easy and manageable. You can always scale up later ;-). The MM-Minis are the perfect addition to any raised bed garden.
What seeds does it come with?
This Starter Kit comes with bags of 5 seed varieties:
These varieties are guaranteed to grow and will keep your MM-Minis stocked all year long. Plus: they're all hearty and delicious. Perfect for getting started. 

Our app knows all about these seeds and guides you step-by-step from seed to harvest.

What else is included?
2 MM-Mini Grow Bags in Blue

These grow bags are ideal for your mini-garden. They're made from recycled plastic bottles, are light and easy to move around. The material is super breathable, so your plants will grow better than in a regular old pot.

40 Liters of MM-Mix

The key to success: the MM-Mix. Our special soil mix. All your plants will grow like weeds in this rich soil ;-). They love it.

When's the best time to start?
You can set up a Planty Garden anytime. Your garden will grow for months. From the early spring to the fall, there's always something to sow or harvest.

And the sooner you start, the more you'll harvest. And the more you'll love it. 

With Planty, you won't just enjoy your garden now, but for years to come.
What's the best place for your mini vegetable garden?
Put your MM-Minis in a sunny spot. Your vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

Other than that, they can go anywhere: your yard, your balcony, or (roof)terrace. We even know somebody who has a raised bed on his boat!

Tip: The closer your Planty Garden is to your kitchen, the more you'll remember harvest. Think of it as an extension of your refrigerator ;-).

How do you maintain your mini garden?
With your starter garden, you sow, water, check-in, and harvest in less than a minute a day.

Weeding or digging? No need
With a Planty Garden, you skip the intense, time-consuming work a regular vegetable garden requires.

You sow exactly what you need in the right place at the right time. No transplanting needed either.

What's left to do? Only the fun stuff
Sowing, taking care of your plants, and harvesting :-).

How do you do that? With the app
The free app is your personal vegetable garden coach. It tells you exactly what, when, and how to care for your garden.

If something does go wrong - it's still nature we're talking about, after all - then the app will help you through it. Zero stress.

Even if you can't keep a houseplant alive: with this app you can garden like a seasoned pro. Even a kid can do it. (No, really. It's great for kids! )
What makes a Planty Garden so freaking great?
Your Planty Garden works using a sophisticated method of sowing, tending, and harvesting. It's not only super easy but also produces a lot.

One MM-Mini grow bag produces your choice of 16 radishes, 9 beets, 4 heads of lettuce, or 1 dino kale.

Sowing System
Our Planty Gardening app helps you sow just the right amount, so you do everything right the first time. It covers:

  • the right time to sow
  • exactly enough space for each plant variety
  • growing from low to high
  • crop-rotation
  • harvesting early and often
  • successional sowing
  • plant variation
5 x the harvest
When you compare a Planty Garden to a regular grade, you get up to 5x the harvest for the same surface area. You sow each MM-Mini several times a year. On average it will yield about 12 euros worth of organic vegetables. So, you quickly make back your investment. And since your grow bags will last for years, and you don't have to replace the soil mix, what you produce after that first season is pure profit. Ka-CHING.

Nothing can stop you now!
So: are you thinking of starting a vegetable garden but don't know where or how to begin? Or are you not sure whether a vegetable garden is something for you? Then start slowly with this complete starter package. You'll love it!

Or, are you already enthusiastic and want to get someone else as excited as you are? What better way than getting a Starter Kit as a gift? ;-)

How do you keep your MM-Minis clean?
The MM-Minis will last for years. But since the material allows water and air to pass through it, as time goes by you'll see some stains. It's unavoidable: wet soil mix and the outdoors means nature does its thing.

If you see green deposits, they're most likely caused by algae. Algae love cold, wet weather and stagnant water.

Luckily, the material is easy to clean:

During the season you can easily remove the dirty spots with a sponge and some gall soap.

At the end of the season, put your plantless grow bags in a dry place (like in the shed), to prevent excessive algae.

At the start of a new season, you can wash dirty minis just fine.

First, soak them for a few hours in soapy water with mild soap and some gall soap. If you have algae stains, add a generous splash of vinegar as well: algae can't stand that. Then rinse the minis well.

If they are still dirty, you can even put them in the washing machine: use a cold setting or max 30 degrees celsius.