September: get ready for next spring 🌱

Why it works

Huge harvests from a tiny garden, ~ 5 minutes of your time, and an app that coaches you the whole way.

"No way" you say? Yes, way. Here's why it works:

optimized planters for maximum efficiency

You've got a fully optimized set-up

Sustainable raised beds that are just the right size. A spot in the sun. The best soil ever: our MM-Mix is nutrient-rich and just won't quit. Your vegetables will thrive, weeds won't even try.

lots of produce mega veel oogst

You sow seeds that produce LOTS of, well, produce

We've got years of experience trying out seeds, and we've picked the best for your Planty Garden. Tasty edible plants that always grow, HUGE harvests from tiny plots, and plenty of variety.

A full planter overflowing with vegetables

You garden with a system developed for success

You grow your plants from shortest to tallest so that when they grow, the little ones don't get stuck in the shadow. Each plant gets just the right amount of light, space, nutrients, and water. As efficiently as possible. For 5 minutes a day.

the app is your coach

How do you keep track of everything?! You don't. The app does for your

Growing your own food is all about timing. That's not something you can learn from a book or a class. Our app is more than just another "gardening encyclopedia". Nope, it's a full on personal gardening coach. Never wonder what to do in your garden again.

jelle in his Planty Garden

My team goes above & beyond to make sure it all works

Imagine your neighbor with 20 years of gardening experience - jealous! Jealous of your garden. That's our goal. If you've got a Planty Garden, you can always call, email or send us a message with your questions or stories. We're here for you! ;-)

But you know, you should just go for it. It's gonna be great.